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In Puerto Rico, you can bike the bustling capital, cruise along the beach, race through a rainforest, or mountain bike through our forests. A new bike trail now runs along the main oceanfront drive through Condado and Ocean Park. Most companies that offer bike tours are committed to sustainable tourism and environmental conservation. See where you can tour Puerto Rico the eco-friendly way.

Puerto Rico’s west coast offers a wonderful mix of rides. Choose between off-roading across mountains, leisurely distant treks along scenic highways, and beach hopping.

The islands of Culebra and Vieques are bike-friendly destinations. Both are small, easy to navigate and offer numerous picturesque stops at beaches that you might call your own for the day. As for your route, you can choose from rolling hills to beachfront roads to bumpy, muddy dirt trails.

  1. Rent The Bicycle

    Biking in San Juan offers numerous advantages. For one, the city’s beaches, historic sites and many fine restaurants are easily accessible. Secondly, you avoid taxis and San Juan traffic. And finally, it’s a great way to build up your appetite for a hearty Puerto Rican meal.

    San Juan

    Website (787) 602-9696
  2. Parque Lineal Enrique Martí Coll

    Hato Rey

    (787) 763-0613
  3. Paseo Lineal Río Bayamón

    The trail runs along Bayamón and Río Hondo rivers, from the town of Bayamón all the way to the beach in Levittown. It has separate lanes for walking/running and for cycling.


    Website (787) 288-0562
  4. Black Beard Sports


    Website (787) 741-1892
  5. Aquatica Dive & Surf Bike Rentals


    Website (787) 890-6071
  6. Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge

    Enjoy amazing trails across the natural ecosystem: beaches, salt flats & the historic Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.

    Cabo Rojo

    Website (787) 851-2999
  7. Domes Trails

    One of the best trails in this part of Puerto Rico is the Domes Trail, an adrenaline-pumping ride that was made for the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games.


  8. Guánica Dry Forest

    This unique, arid environment is a complete change from the El Yunque rainforest. If you decide to tackle this trail, bring plenty of water: true to its name, this is a dry ecosystem.


  9. Cambalache State Forest

    These mountain bike trails run through a lush forest.


  10. Cerro Gordo

    If there was ever a trail that combined some of the best of Puerto Rico’s natural environments, it’s the one at Bosque de Breas in Cerro Gordo. It’s a place to grab your mountain bike and streak down a leafy trail surrounded by tropical vegetation to a picturesque beach fronting the Atlantic Ocean.

    Vega Alta

    (787) 883-2730
  11. Julio Enrique Monagas Park

    Within a karst natural ecosystem, has a variety of trails for mountain bikes for different levels of difficulty. It is also one of the favorite places for climbing on stone.


    Website (787) 269-6600
  12. Dragonfly Adventures

    Website (787) 889-7430

Whether you love fly-fishing, sport fishing, deep sea or shallow flats, we’ve got a boat, a reel, and a destination for you.

There are full-service marinas all around the island, charters, nautical clubs, and knowledgeable skippers who have sailed our waters for decades. The sport’s pros would be delighted to know that we also host some of the biggest fishing tournaments in the Caribbean.

  1. Blue Water Hunting Charter

    Puerto Rico Freedivers, Inc., Carolina

    Activities: Fishing, Freediving, Spearfishing

  2. Fishing Charters by Maguro

    Maguro Fishing Charters, Fajardo

    Activities: Deep Sea Sport Fishing, Fishing, Japanese Vertical Jigging, Deep Sea Fishing, Fly Fishing, Light Tackle

  3. Lagoon Magic Tour

    Puerto Rico Magic Tarpon, Carolina

    Attractions: Torrecilla Lagoon

    Activities: Fly Fishing, Reef Fishing

  4. Light Tackle Fishing Charter

    Puerto Rico Magic Tarpon, Carolina

    Attractions: Torrecilla Lagoon, San José Lagoon

    Activities: Fishing

  5. Frank Ocean Trips (Parguera Sport Fishing & Boat Tours)


    Activities: Fishing Trips

    Website 787-224-0752

Puerto Rico has a long and rich equestrian tradition that includes one of the most prized horses in the world: The Puerto Rico Paso Fino (“fine gait”). They are bred for saddle riding and are distinguished by a surprisingly smooth lateral gait and the elegant cadence of their hooves.

Schools around the island continue to uphold this centuries-old tradition. That’s why visitors have the rare opportunity to experience one of the smoothest rides on Earth. But Paso Finos aren’t the only horses in Puerto Rico. There are many equestrian experiences you can enjoy during your stay.

  1. Beach Horseback Ride

    Tropical Trail Rides, Isabela

    Activities: Horseback Riding

  2. Horseback Riding at El Yunque Rainforest

    Hacienda Carabalí Rainforest Park, Luquillo

    Attractions: Hacienda Carabalí Rainforest Park, Mameyes River, El Yunque Rainforest

    Activities: Horseback Riding

  3. Horseback Riding at Hacienda Campo Rico

    Tropical Trail Rides, Carolina

    Attractions: Hacienda Campo Rico

    Activities: Horseback Riding

  4. Trail Rides at Hacienda 8A

    Hacienda 8A, Las Piedras

    Attractions: Hacienda 8A

    Activities: Horseback Riding

  5. Campo Rico Trail Rides

    Campo Rico Trail Rides, Carolina

    Attractions: Horseback Riding

    Activities: Horseback Riding

    Website (787) 629-0222
  6. Tropical Trail Rides

    Tropical Trail Rides, Isabela

    Attractions: Isabela beaches

    Activities: Horseback Riding

    Website (787) 872-9256

Almost any island in the Caribbean will offer you kayak rentals at the beach. You can do that in Puerto Rico, but that’s just the beginning. Here a kayak can take you across mangrove forests, mountain lakes, nature reserves and, best of all, bioluminescent bays that will enchant you.

Many tour companies offer kayak tours and rentals that will help you make the best of your experience over the waters of Puerto Rico.

  1. Aquafari Culebra Kayaking and Snorkeling

    Kayaking Puerto Rico, Culebra

    Attractions: Culebra Island, Tamarindo Beach, Playa Tamarindo, Cayo Luis Peňa

    Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Swimming

  2. Bio Bay Adventure at Laguna Grande

    Pure Adventure, Fajardo

    Attractions: Bioluminescent Lagoon

    Activities: Kayaking

  3. Bio Bay Kayaking Tour at Laguna Grande

    Yokahú Kayak, Fajardo

    Attractions: Bio Bay Laguna Grande

    Activities: Kayaking

  4. Bio Bay Laguna Grande

    Kayaking Puerto Rico, Fajardo

    Attractions: Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Lagoon

    Activities: Kayaking

  5. Bio Bay Tour Laguna Grande

    Las Tortugas Adventures Inc., Fajardo

    Attractions: Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Lagoon

    Activities: Kayaking

  6. Bioluminescent Bay Tour

    Abe's Snorkeling & Bio Bay Tours, Vieques

    Attractions: Mosquito Bio Bay

    Activities: Kayaking

  7. Bioluminescent Lagoon

    Eco Action Tours, Fajardo

    Attractions: Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Lagoon

    Activities: Kayaking, Sightseeing

  8. Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay Tour

    Abe's Snorkeling & Bio Bay Tours, Vieques

    Attractions: Mosquito Bio Bay

    Activities: Kayaking

  9. Culebra SeaVenture Kayaking and Snorkeling

    Culebra Island Adventures, Culebra

    Attractions: Culebra Island, Tamarindo Beach, Luis Peña Cay, Cayo Luis Peña

    Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Swimming

  10. Eco-Dive & Water Sports Center

    Scuba Dogs, San Juan

    Attractions: Escambron Beach Park

    Activities: Scuba Diving, Shore Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Walking, Sightseeing

  11. Explore the Coral Reefs of Cayo Afuera

    Abe's Snorkeling & Bio Bay Tours, Vieques

    Attractions: Cayo de Afuera

    Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling

  12. Glowing Bay Adventure

    Island Kayaking Adventures, Fajardo

    Attractions: Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Lagoon

    Activities: Kayaking

  13. Hobie Cat & Kayak Rental

    Watersports 4 You/KAP, Carolina

    Attractions: Isla Verde Beach

    Activities: Kayaking, Sailing, Banana Boat Rides

  14. Reef Garden Adventure

    Pure Adventure, Fajardo

    Attractions: Seven Seas Beach

    Activities: Kayaking

  15. Seven Seas Kayaking & Snorkeling

    Island Kayaking Adventures, Fajardo

    Attractions: Seven Seas Beach Park, Playa Escondida

    Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Swimming

  16. The River Tour

    Las Tourtugas Adventures Inc., Río Grande

    Attractions: Río Espíritu Santo

    Activities: Kayaking

  17. Water Fun at Playa Santa

    Pino's Boat & Water Fun, Inc., Guánica

    Attractions: Playa Santa

    Activities: Jet Ski Rentals, Paddle Boats Rental, Kayaking, Bannana Boat Riding

  18. Double Adventure Kayak Tour

    Paddle Paradise Puerto Rico, Gurabo

    Attractions: Lake Carraizo

    Activities: Kayaking

  19. Kayaking and Snorkeling Tours

    Pirate Snorkeling Shack, Fajardo

    Attractions: Natural Reserve Cabezas de San Juan, Fajardo

    Activities: Kayaking, Paddle boarding, Snorkeling

Our coasts are well-stocked with ports and marinas to take care of all your sailing needs.

  1. Club Náutico de San Juan

    San Juan

    Website (787) 722-0177
  2. Rincón Sailing


    Website (787) 421-4700
  3. Puerto Rico Sailing School


    Website (787) 690 - 0525
  4. Cangrejos Yacht Club


  5. Club Náutico de San Juan

    San Juan

  6. San Juan Bay Marina

    San Juan

  7. Club Náutico de Arecibo


  8. Club Náutico de Vega Baja

    Vega Baja

  9. Inversiones Isleta Marina


  10. Marina Puerto Chico


  11. Marina Puerto Real


  12. Palmas del Mar Yacht Club


  13. Puerto Del Rey Marina


  14. Sea Lovers Marina


  15. Villa Marina Yatch


  16. Wyndham El Conquistador Marina


  17. Club Náutico de Guayama


  18. Ponce Yacht Club and Fishing Club


  19. Marina de Salinas


  20. Club Náutico Boquerón

    Cabo Rojo

  21. Club Deportivo del Oeste

    Cabo Rojo

  22. Club Náutico de La Parguera


  23. Sailing Sun Charters


    Website (787) 307-1690
  24. Erin Go Bragh Charters


    Website (787) 231-3901
  25. Sail San Juan Bay

    Website (787) 667-7778
  26. Marauder Sailing Charter

    Let’s sail on our 34’ vintage classic sailing yacht! Half Day, Full Day, Sunset and Private Trips available.

    Website 787-435-4858
  27. Blue Water Caribbean Adventures

    Kayaking tours at Mosquito Bio Bay; watersports and other nature adventures.

    Website 844-210-2922

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