Chocobar Cortés


The smell of hot chocolate permeates the entire restaurant. Glass cups are filled with rich, creamy chocolate creations: hot chocolate, frozen chocolate frappé, lattes with chocolate, the rum, and cognac-based Don Ignacio, and many more. Welcome to Chocobar Cortés, an innovative gastronomic space where chocolate is incorporated into almost every dish and beverage. The space also celebrates the rich history of Chocolate Cortés, a family-owned company that has been manufacturing chocolate from farm-to-bar since 1929, and is a favorite of Puerto Rican and Dominican households. Colorful murals featuring vintage advertisements and historical imagery of the Cortés brand cover the space, along with a wall made of the original vintage metal chocolate molds used to make the iconic Chocolate Cortés bar. Chocobar offers a sophisticated backdrop for a business lunch, a romantic dinner for two, a family brunch, or a quick stop for a delicious chocolate fix to-go. Moreover, the menu includes traditional Caribbean staples with a gourmet feel: the Chalupitas de Mofongo dish is served with a chocolate hot sauce, and the Mallorca Ibérica sandwich is served on the traditional sweet Mallorca bread with serrano ham, manchego cheese, and a white chocolate guava butter. And if you have a thing for chocolate, of course, this is the place to satisfy your cravings: the Chocolate Lover’s Cake is a must and all their chocolate-infused beverages (alcoholic or not) are to die for. On the second and third floor, home of Fundación Cortés, another kind of exquisite experience awaits: temporary exhibitions on Caribbean art will let you explore the aesthetics—both raw and subtle—that are born from our experience as islanders. Let your senses explore and be enraptured by the depths of two long-standing Caribbean traditions: art and chocolate, of course. - Hours 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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