Richie's Café


Richie's has been resident of Palmer, Puerto Rico for twenty four years. His property, now home to Richie's Café, has one of natures most breathtaking views. Richie's Café is set high a top mountain overlooking the greens of the Rio Mar Wyndham Grand Resort golf course straight out to the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean with a side view of the United States only national rain forest, El Yunque. So began the dream of Richie's Café, two open air dining rooms each with a bar, serving Caribbean cuisine while overlooking the mountain view of the Atlantic Ocean. An establishment focused on serving great food at affordable prices with polished service and intrincate list of wines and beverages, all while still serving the best local dishes with the friendly type of hospitality one would expect to find on the island of enchantment, Puerto Rico. This twenty four years dream is now reality, with over two years of construction and hand picking the culinary staff with a delicate balance of the states local restuarant opening has finally come. We are proud to join the stablishment of Rio grande to offer you what we know as the most complete evening aviable of dining and leisure on the island.

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