WCK’s Volunteer and Agritourism Program


The Food Producer Network is World Central Kitchen’s long-term commitment to building resilient local food systems and strengthening food security throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

Through its Volunteer and Agritourism Program, it offers visitors and volunteers the opportunity to work at partnering smallholder farms, fisheries, and food businesses in Puerto Rico. There is much to be done: volunteer tasks can include everything from planting and harvesting, weeding, working with animals, building structures, stringing nets, cleaning, among others, to ensure that fresh food reaches those who need it.

Some things to keep in mind before signing up:

Volunteer reservations are made at World Central Kitchen’s volunteer management platform.

We are committed to providing a useful service to our Hosts, please come prepared to work and get your helping hands dirty!

Hosts are located in rural communities where public transportation is very limited. Volunteers must coordinate their own transportation to the experience.

We encourage spending a night out in the community where you will be volunteering. We are happy to make recommendations on where to stay and what to do, but volunteers coordinate their own accommodations and logistics.

Volunteers are asked to contribute to the program's food-producing community with a small donation via our online portal.

Some of the farms and food businesses currently participating in the Program include:

Amasar in Jayuya - Rural agroecological farm and added-value product manufacturer

Armonía en la Montaña in Aibonito - Leafy greens, fruit trees, peppers, chickens, community market, CSA

Desde Mi Huerto in Isabela - Organic seed grower and vendor

Finca Don Pupa in Lajas - Pineapple, mango, lemon, avocado, cassava, and value-added products

Finca Dos Hermanas in Utuado - Agroindustrial processing plant and farm, gluten-free bread (made from breadfruit flour)

Ganadería Buenos Aires in Cabo Rojo - Cattle for Meat, Improvements in breeding Charolais

Hortalizas Hidropónicas del Oeste in San Germán - Hydroponics Farm, 9,000 square feet of nurseries on 5-acre farm

K&V Farm del Caribe in Adjuntas - Rural agroecological farm, onions, beets, kale, beans, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, fennel, root vegetables, carrots

Centro Deambulantes Cristo Pobre - Nonprofit/faith-based organization, rehabilitation residence, and farm

Naia Seda and Gabriel Hernandez - Rural agroecological farm, 16 acres, root vegetables, fruits, jams and vinaigrettes

Julio Aponte Rodríguez and Joel Aponte Montalvo - 26 acres, goat farm, goat milk

Sebastian Eli Sotomayor - rural agroecological farm, 30 acres, cacao, roots, bananas, fruit trees, greens, chickens

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