This test will determine how i Boricua you really are.

Which of these was the Island’s original name?

The official language of Puerto Rico is

Which town was declared a World Surfing Reserve?

There are five bioluminescent bays in the world. How many can you find in Puerto Rico?

Bio bay

Go night kayaking at one of the Island’s bio bays.

Can you identify the coquí?

Puerto Rico takes pride in having the longest holiday celebration in the world. Which of these traditions marks the end of Christmas on the island?

What is Puerto Rico’s national drink?

You need to brush up on your Puerto Rican.

Start planning your trip so you can learn more about the heart and soul of the Caribbean.

Boqueron Cabo Rojo

Experience the vibrancy of Puerto Rico in Cabo Rojo. 


It’s ok, there are many ways to learn about Puerto Rico and its vibrant culture. Read more about the Island as you find inspiration for your next tropical getaway! 

Dancing salsa.

¡Caliente, caliente!

Your basic knowledge of the Island is a great starting point to plan your next vacation. Get inspired and discover all the richness Puerto Rico has to offer.

Artesanal Vejigante mask

The Vejigante Mask is one of Puerto Rico's most colorful arts and crafts.

You know Puerto Rico!

The Island’s vibrant culture is no stranger to you. Learn more about Puerto Rico as you plan your next Caribbean vacation.

A woman dances Bomba in Old San Juan

You are a true Boricua

From its culture to the food and history, you know this Island inside and out. Grab your sunglasses and start planning your trip to the heart and soul of the Caribbean!


The perfect companion to rice and beans is a side of tostones (fried plantains).