Get a dose of Puerto Rico Sunshine from coast to coast in our Sunshine Route Itinerary!

For the explorer who wants to experience Puerto Rico Sunshine via all their senses, check out these hot spots across the Island to feel the warmth. 


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Explore the Sunshine Route

From apparel to paletas, the Sunshine Route highlights vibrant locations and offerings featuring our iconic sunshine. Be sure to share how you feel the #puertoricosunshine on social media along the way.

Be sure to explore the town of Lares and snap a photo with the one-of-a-kind mural, created by Boricua Artist Bianca Sofia Montoya of The Unusual Girls, representing the Taíno goddess Atabex emerging from the Puerto Rico Sun.

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Metro Region

Eat, drink, and dance the night away in Puerto Rico's metro region, where Old World charm and modern urban life intersect.


Visitors to DISTRITO T-Mobile can experience a unique light show inspired by Puerto Rican Sunshine on their 14,000 feet of LED screens and the largest 4K horizontal LED screen in the Americas. 

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Señor Paleta

This artisanal shop crafts handmade and natural frozen treats, including the new Puerto Rico Sunshine-inspired Paleta, flavored with papaya and pineapple; be sure to check out their Old San Juan location and grab yourself something sweet!

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Indulge Chocolate

This couture chocolate shop designs handcrafted treats including their Puerto Rico Sunshine-inspired passion fruit-infused bonbons, available for purchase in person or in our Sunshine Shop!

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Sunset Sail on San Juan Bay

Enjoy the sunset over San Juan Bay either tableside at a local restaurant or via catamarans, such as Sailing Dreams and Sunset Cruises, for an experience like no other.

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Playa Isla Verde

Playa Isla Verde’s golden sands are the perfect spot to experience the breathtaking beauty of sunrises in Puerto Rico.

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aWa Outdoors

Founded by two local women inspired by their Caribbean roots, aWa Outdoors offers exclusive Puerto Rico Sunshine-inspired bags/coolers perfect for a day in the sun. 

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East Region

Puerto Rico's enchanting east region offers secluded beaches, historic Taíno petroglyphs, and picture-perfect scenery.

Luquillo Beach

Visit “The Sun’s Capital” for some of the Island’s best beaches and the famous Los Kioskos de Luquillo, a beachside strip of restaurants, bars and gift shops.

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Cueva del Indio, Las Piedras

This historic ceremonial park has more than 200 petroglyphs, three bateys (ceremonial plazas), and hiking trails and camping areas. Petroglyphs of the iconic Puerto Rican sun can be found among other representative of the Island and Taíno culture, proving the sun essential part in Boricua life goes back centuries.

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Punta Santiago Beach

Have fun in the sun at Punta Santiago, lounging under palm tree or taking a dip in the sea. With plenty of parking and nearby restaurants, you’ll be surrounded by perfect picturesque scenery.

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Salty Dog Catamaran (Fajardo)

Enjoy the sunshine, at sea! Tours travel to unspoiled islands off the coast, where you can explore tropical fish and coral reefs on the eastern coast.

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Central Mountains

Puerto Rico's Central Mountains are known for outdoor adventures, culinary excursions, and lots of coffee.

Hacienda Tres Ángeles

Sip on a fresh cup of coffee and enjoy the sunshine at Hacienda Tres Ángeles, a coffee hacienda tucked away in the mountains of Adjuntas.

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Cerro Punta

The highest peak on the Island, Cerro Punta is where travelers can get as close to the Puerto Rico Sunshine as possible and take in the panoramic Island views.

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Caguan Indigenous Ceremonial Park

One of the Island's most precious Taíno legacies stretching back more than 800 years, the park has numerous well-preserved petroglyphs, a museum with Taíno artifacts, and a botanical garden to explore under the sun.

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