We all want to be better for the New Year; why not start in Puerto Rico!

Let's face it, we all make plans for the upcoming year we have a hard time sticking to. So check out your interests and let paradise choose your resolution for you. 
Then, start your year at the beach or a friendly bomba class... it is all up to you! 

Saturdays this year will start with…

What describes the past year?

What are you looking for in the next year?

Which word describes you the best?

This looks like a good time:

Where do you want to spend most of your time?

What is your mindset for the year?

Eat better!

Let’s face it, trying a new diet or watching what we eat is always at the top of the list at the beginning of the year. So, this year, sprinkle some flavor on your plate with eclectic fusions of comida criolla and international techniques. Whether vegan or meat lovers, looking for roadside kiosks or fine-dining opportunities, Puerto Rico’s farm-to-table movements, fresh sea catches, and vibrant flavors will surely entice your palate.

Discover Puerto Rico’s explosion of flavors!

A group of friends enjoying lunch in Old San Juan.

Get out more!

Exploring takes a whole new meaning in Puerto Rico! From pristine beaches to plentiful rivers, dry forests, cloud and rain forests, underground caves, and so much more, you’ll find that your next adventure begins just outside your door. So, take it from resolution to reality when you consider the countless reasons to plan a trip and discover the Island’s great outdoors.

Start planning your outdoor getaway!

A couple takes a selfie with a backdrop of lush mountains in Puerto Rico's central region.


There is no better time to focus on you like at the beginning of the new year. Expand your horizons with mesmerizing views of the heart and soul of the Caribbean. Practice self-love and go on a journey of personal growth while experiencing an unforgettable, low-impact getaway. From eco-friendly retreats and lodging to volunteer opportunities and sustainable activities, start your year with the right mindset.

Explore Puerto Rico’s sustainable opportunities

Work in full color yoga

Learn a new hobby!

This is not the year to be boring, and Puerto Rico has the remedy for “breaking out of your shell.” With a lively culture and countless experiences that showcase it, the heart and soul of the Caribbean is waiting for you to decide “what’s next.” From bomba and salsa classes to kayaking and surfing lessons, as well as various museums, art shows, and more, you’ll find a Boricua hobby (or hobbies) that suits your personality in no time!

There is a festival and workshop for everything to plan your trip around

Bomba dancing in Loiza