Most of the restaurants in Manatí have their own spin on traditional dishes like rice and beans, carne frita, empanadas, and fritters, and trying them all is a challenge worth accepting.

Eat like a Boricua (Puerto Rican) at these top spots in Manatí.

Exterior view of Pastelillos Lamboy in Manatí

Taste the famous pastelillos of Pastelillos Lamboy in Manatí.

Pastelillos Lamboy

With more than 50 years of service under its belt, Pastelillos Lamboy is a local institution that has had some time to perfect the pastelillo — a traditional Puerto Rican turnover similar to an empanada. Visit the original pastelillera in Manatí city center, or pop into the newer location just east of town, where you’ll find a variety of interesting fillings and ice-cold maltas (Puerto Rican soft drinks) to wash it all down.

Dining at El Tren de Cano is a unique culinary journey of Puerto Rico's staple dishes. 

Dining at El Tren de Cano is a unique culinary journey of Puerto Rico's staple dishes. 

El Tren de Cano

This is not your everyday Puerto Rican restaurant: Decorated like the inside of a bus, with images of the countryside outside every “window,” a meal at El Tren de Cano takes you on a journey around the Island without ever leaving Manatí. A feast for your stomach as well as your eyes, the food there consists of elevated staple dishes, like deep-fried pork, rice and beans, and mofongo.   

Exterior view of San Lázaro’s Pizza

San Lázaro’s Pizza is a great spot for a meal, snack-on-the-go or late-night eats. 

San Lázaro’s Pizza

A favorite late-night stop for locals, San Lázaro’s Pizza has been serving the people of Manatí for over three decades. The traditional thin-crust pizza is the perfect meal or snack on-the-go, and the atmosphere is about as welcoming and casual as it gets.

Costa Azul Restaurant & Lounge

Costa Azul gets rave reviews for its extensive menu of seafood and local favorites such as pulpo a la braza (grilled octopus), mussels, oysters, and mofongos rellenos (stuffed plantains) with shrimp, chicken, or longaniza (sauteed Puerto Rican sausage).

Restaurante Sartenes

A breakfast and brunch favorite among Manatí locals, Restaurante Sartenes is cooking up something all day long. From pancakes, waffles, and omelettes in the morning to sandwiches, pizzas, and handmade pastas the rest of the day, this spot welcomes visitors with its variety of options.


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