Toa Baja is known for its beautiful beaches and views. 

Toa Baja

Known as the “City Under Water,” this northeastern coastal town offers stunning views of its neighbor: Old San Juan.

The beaches and historic sites of Toa Baja also make it a fun place to explore for those who want a convenient side trip in close proximity to Puerto Rico's capital city.

Things to Do

Sun and Sand

Near San Juan, Balneario Punta Salinas is located on an enchanting islet and is the perfect site to enjoy the beautiful scenery and calm waters. There is also a designated area for kayaking and boating, which is separated from the swimming area. Families looking for a nice spot to spend a day can enjoy pavilions and picnic areas, and there are some good spots for fishing as well. While the metro area doesn’t boast the pristine coastline of some other corners of the Island, this is a nice compromise between staying close to the city but still getting some fun in the sand and surf.

Views and Forts

Isla de Cabras, located in Palo Seco, is a small island in the Bay of San Juan with stunning views of Old San Juan and incredible photo opportunities. Sunrises are especially majestic from this spot since you can catch El Morro and the coast in one shot as the sun rises behind them.

Although you might not be able to enter the Fortín San Juan de la Cruz (also known as Fortín El Cañuelo), a small fort built in 1603, you can appreciate its sturdy architecture and learn more about the role it played in protecting the area against enemies during the last several centuries. If you’ve been to El Morro, this is the smaller remains of a fort you can see across the bay.

History and More

Since 1875, the construction of roads to connect cities and towns became one of the greatest priorities for the Island’s development. The workers who built and maintained the roads lived in small stone and brick houses along the main thoroughfares. The ruins of 26 of these structures are still found around the municipality and have been preserved for their historical value.

Founded in 1790, Hacienda Santa Elena, located in Media Luna, was one of the most important sugar mills of its time, and nearby is Central Constancia, a sugarcane factory dating back to 1867. The two properties were once major economic drivers for the area. Today, you can still see the ruins, although there are no official exhibits or tours of the remains.

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