The journey to Charco Azul is as stunning as the destination. 


Where the mountains and the coast meet.

Patillas is a coastal town in southeastern Puerto Rico that flies under the radar of visitors and locals alike. What's surprising about Patillas is that it's both a mountain and a beach town. Those who prefer hiking and hidden watering holes will have plenty to explore around Carite State Forest. Travelers who prefer to soak up the sun can find several secluded beaches just off of scenic PR-3 road.

The famous Charco Azul ("Blue Pool") of Patillas

The famous Charco Azul ("Blue Pool") of Patillas

Things to Do in Patillas

Carite State Forest

Carite State Forest was established in 1939, and its approximately 7,000 acres spread through the municipalities of Cayey, Caguas, San Lorenzo, Guayama, and Patillas. Over 50 species of birds inhabit the forest, and there are more than 200 species of plants to observe. Pick up roasted pork at the Guavate lechoneras (pork restaurants) up the street in Cayey and have a picnic at Charco Azul.

Charco Azul

The most famous attraction in Patillas is Charco Azul, which translates to Blue Pool. This natural swimming pool with deep blue waters is accessible via an easy trail that crosses through the Carite Forest and over the river. The trail takes about 20 minutes to walk, and once you reach Charco Azul there are recreational facilities like picnic tables, cement grills, and campsites.

Tres Chorros and Survivor Waterfall

Another popular swimming hole in the Carite Forest is Tres Chorros, or Three Streams, composed of three pools fed by three small waterfalls. The swimming holes are surrounded by tall rocks from which the more adventurous like to jump into the water, which is why this place is also known as Survivor Fall. Be warned: This area gets very crowded on weekends.

A gorgeous day at Inches Beach in Patillas 

A gorgeous day at Inches Beach in Patillas. 

Guardarraya Beach

Patillas has several "hidden" beaches, known mostly to locals but just as uniquely beautiful as any of their more famous counterparts. Guardarraya Beach's coast is a mix of sand and rocks, so bring water shoes. The water is shallow close to the shore and the waves are gentle, making it the perfect beach for families with young kids. Along the PR-3 road, which leads right to the beach, there are numerous rustic chinchorros and restaurants that sell fritters, freshly caught fish, and seafood.

Villa Pesquera Beach

Considered the main beach of Patillas, Villa Pesquera has a lovely coastline apt for swimming and snorkeling, as well as recreational facilities that provide the opportunity to do water sports such as kayaking, jet skiing, and paddleboarding. There are restaurants, picnic tables for public use, and restrooms and showers attached to a three-story lookout where visitors can enjoy the coastal views.

Lago Patillas

Patillas Lake is a man-made lake that serves as a reservoir for the southeastern region. Perfect for fishing or for enjoying the view from lakeside restaurant La Pared, where you can savor traditional Puerto Rico food, including seafood-stuffed mofongo.

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