Enjoy gorgeous mountain views in Las Marías.

Las Marías

Las Marías is located on the western side of Puerto Rico, nestled against the Cordillera Central mountain range.

From its stunning natural beauty and old coffee haciendas to a festival celebrating a love of oranges, there are many reasons to visit this mountain town.

Explore Local Rivers and Take a Dip

For those seeking a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of city life, this area’s rural charms are sure to please. Choose a spot to relax alongside one of the municipality’s rivers, including the Grande Añasco River or the Guacio River, to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Spend a day on the water or just go for a quick dip in the other rivers of Las Marías, including the Guaba, Bucabarabones, Quebradas Fría, and Mayagüecilla.

Tour a Coffee Farm

For travelers with a love for java, Las Marías is home to several haciendas where you can sample locally grown and roasted coffee. At La Casona de Artemio, you can discover the complete process to transform little red berries on a tree into a delicious cup of joe. And be sure to grab some of their coffee beans to take home as a tasty reminder of your trip.

For a historic journey, check out Hacienda Palma Escrita, one of the Island’s oldest haciendas, which dates back more than a century. The hacienda also features an on-site restaurant that serves traditional Puerto Rican cuisine. 

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Discover the Community of Casa Múcaro

In the Buena Vista neighborhood, Casa Múcaro is an artist community built from recyclable materials to help realize the community’s vision of self-sufficiency. Public events include workshops, conferences, performances, and other cultural activities. Beyond the artistic programming, visitors can also explore the farm, as well as tunnels and caves around the property.

Embrace the Locals' Love of Oranges

Las Marías is an area that has preserved its agricultural traditions, and one of its main crops is known to Puerto Ricans as china, aka oranges. Finca Enseñat is a 38-acre haven of coffee and citrus trees, which you can take a guided tour around.

Locals' love for oranges runs so deep that the marieños created a traditional celebration in honor of this juicy fruit. The Festival de la China takes place every March, where artisans, vendors of orange-related items, family-friendly fun, and music are plentiful.

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