With its dramatic karst landscape — defined by limestone formations, extensive cave systems, and subterranean rivers — the trip to Arecibo is a bit like entering another world. There, you can explore caves, walk in the footsteps of pirates, or just plant yourself on some of the prettiest beaches in Puerto Rico.

Take a look at the top things to do in Arecibo:

Ocean view of the Punta Los Murillos Lighthouse in Arecibo.

The Punta Los Morrillos Lighthouse in Arecibo houses a cultural theme park. 

Arecibo Lighthouse & Historical Park

This neoclassical lighthouse was built by the Spanish government in 1898, and now houses a cultural theme park that will transport you to the buccaneer days when pirates roamed the northern shore of Puerto Rico.

On your way to the lighthouse, you will find replicas of the three ships the Spanish used to conquer the New World; a re-created Taíno village; and a pirate ship that kids can climb and explore. The park also has a museum, an aquarium, and a mini-water park that’s a serious hit with kids. With food vendors on-site, you can easily make an entire family day out of this visit.

Casa Ulanga is the Cultural Center of Arecibo.

Casa Ulanga is the Cultural Center of Arecibo.

Casa Ulanga

If the walls of this circa-1854 colonial building could talk, they’d tell the many colorful tales of Arecibo’s history. Casa Ulanga was originally the residence of a high-ranking Spanish conquistador. The building has served as a bank, store, city hall, hospital, courthouse, and jail. It’s now the Cultural Center of Arecibo, which hosts various festivals and activities throughout the year.

Which way to go? Cambalache State Forest has 1,600 acres to explore.

Cambalache State Forest has 1,600 acres to explore. 

Cambalache State Forest

See a variety of vivid birds and native flora at this 1,600-acre forest, which extends from Arecibo to Barceloneta. The many hiking and biking trails at Cambalache State Forest make for a great day trip; or, reserve a campsite — complete with amenities like barbecue grills and gazebos — and stay a bit longer.

Drive in theater screen in a field.

Autocine Santana is Puerto Rico's exclusive drive-in theater, offering a unique movie-watching experience under the stars.

Auto Cine Santana

Movie lovers can’t miss the chance to catch their favorite movies under the twinkling Caribbean sky in Auto Cine Santana, Puerto Rico's only drive-in theatre. Since the 1950s, this family-owned drive-in theater has captivated audiences, offering an immersive cinematic experience. Cozy up in your car, lounge on a blanket, or relax in a lawn chair while indulging in your favorite snacks from the onsite concession stand.

Chorros La Planta

Chorros La Planta, also known as Chorros del Río Hondo, is a stunning landscape that includes pools, waterfalls, and streams fed by the Tanamá River. Originally, it served as a hydroelectric plant to provide electricity to the municipality of Arecibo. However, it was decommissioned over the years and has become one of the area's main tourist attractions. You can explore this beautiful waterfall on your own with great caution or choose to go with a guide who offers experiences like tubing, as offered by Caribe Adventures. It's essential to wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring a change of clothes in case you get wet or decide to take a refreshing dip in the river waters.

Sunny day at Lago Dos Bocas, surrounded by mountains and vegetation.

Lago Dos Bocas - located between Utuado and Arecibo - is an ideal lake for boating. 

Lago Dos Bocas

Nestled between Arecibo and Utuado is one of the principal lakes of Puerto Rico. Bring your own watercraft or board the state-operated boat for a relaxing ride. The waters of Lago Dos Bocas are thronged by mountain peaks and tropical foliage, plus a variety of restaurants and local businesses with their own boats can transport you to and from the pier.

Poza del Obispo

This off-the-beaten path beach is one of Arecibo’s hidden treasures. Two limestone outcroppings form a natural pool that’s protected from the waves, with inviting turquoise water and soft golden sand. Because it is generally so calm, Poza del Obispo is a great place for families with children.