In fact, Salinas is the birthplace of el mojo isleño, a special creole sauce consisting of tomatoes, onions, bay leaves, olive oil, and other seasonings, which lends a distinctive flavor to a variety of dishes. The locals are so crazy about the sauce that Salinas is nicknamed el Pueblo del Mojo Isleño, and there’s even an International Mojo Isleño Festival that draws thousands of hungry visitors there each July.

But there’s more than just mojo isleño to whet your appetite in Salinas. Thanks to its coastal location, fresh local seafood makes an appearance on menus year-round, from lobster to crab-stuffed mofongo.

Here’s a look at the mouthwatering variety of restaurants you can look forward to on your visit:

The bar area at La Barkita Restaurant in Salinas.

Get a cold drink and great meal at La Barkita in Salinas.

La Barkita

Sample well-seasoned entrees in a casual atmosphere while enjoying a spectacular sunset view over the Caribbean. Seafood favorites at La Barkita include octopus, lobster and conch salads, seafood paellas, and mofongo stuffed with shrimp in garlic sauce.

El Balcón del Capitán 

El Balcón del Capitán received the mesones gastronómicos endorsement from the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, a commendation for excellent Puerto Rican cooking and exceptional service. You’ll find a warm, friendly ambiance and dishes that explore culinary traditions from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Popular dishes include fresh lobster, whole-fried red snapper with tostones, mofongo with shrimp and crab meat, chapín fritters, and seafood salad, among other options.

Lobster and other seafood on an outdoor table at El Dorado Restaurant in Salinas.

Enjoy the view of Salinas Bay while you dine at El Dorado.

El Dorado

Savor delicious seafood dishes and cocktails while overlooking the town's marina at El Dorado. A few of the favorite creations are the mofongo stuffed with conch, the lobster salad with tostones de pana, the grouper nuggets, and the cod fish croquettes. El Dorado also offers a variety of homemade desserts and tasty piña coladas.

El Roble

El Roble's mesones gastronómicos endorsement ensures exceptional cooking and excellent service. This corner café may appear unassuming at first glance, but its robust menu makes waves. Savor tostones with tender shrimp and crab, fresh lobster, plantain fritters, and a bright collection of cocktails. 

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