4 Casitas Bed and Breakfast


4 Casitas is nestled in the foothills on the southwest corner of Puerto Rico. It is a unique eco-friendly community consisting of four cottages (casitas) and the main farm house (casa) making it an ideal location for a relaxing vacation.

4 Casitas is a new development situated on close to seven acres of an old family's farm that’s been in the family for many generations. Even though the farm is not fully immersed in the farming aspects nor completely self-sustaining, it does have grazing animals including sheep, a mare (Algeria), a pot belly pig (Sue Ellen), a rafter of turkeys, as well as a flock of beautifully feathered chickens.

4 Casitas, is the latest of several stages of the farm’s plan to develop an urban-like, self sustaining farming community. The farm is partially on renewable energy and has its own water supply from rain water harvesting.

Our breakfast is mostly created from locally sourced and seasonally available ingredients. All eggs are farmed on-site and we provide fresh fruits from the farm such as mango and papaya. Knowing that many of our guests stay for more than 5 days, our menu rotates as needed to ensure that no items are repeated within a 7-day period.

The Casitas were designed by Architect, Daniel M. Johnston AIA of Atlanta, Georgia. They are designed to allow maximum solar energy collection while allowing for rain water harvesting. Uniquely, this design also helps in maintaining the casitas as cool as possible with their high ceilings as the casitas are not equipped with air conditioners in keeping with our commitment to minimize our carbon footprint. However, each casita is equipped with multiple efficient commercial grade ceiling fans that enhance pleasant cross breezes that occur during the year.

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