Morovis is a picturesque and fertile region, and is an agricultural hub for coffee, tobacco, and local fruits. 


This picturesque hillside town with international flair is best known as the entry point of the amazing Las Cabachuelas caverns.

Set in the hills of Colinas Húmedas del Norte, Morovis is a picturesque and fertile municipality in Puerto Rico's Central Mountains. The lush land is naturally irrigated by waterways including the Río Grande de Manatí and its tributaries Río Bauta and Río Sana Muerto, making the municipality an agricultural hub for coffee, tobacco, and local fruits. It is also popular for cattle and dairy farming.

Bounded by Manatí, Vega Baja, and Vega Alta to the north; Orocovis to the south; Ciales to the west; and Corozal to the east, Morovis measures roughly 39 square miles (100 kilometers). Since it's just an hour’s drive from San Juan, the area offers an easy day trip if you’re staying in the city.

An expansive view of the green hills of Morovis, Puerto Rico.

Morovis is a fertile farming region.

Discover Local Culture

To best orient yourself to Morovis, start your journey at the Diógenes Colón Gómez Cultural Center in the main part of town. Occupying a former municipal hospital, this space is a community hub dedicated to preserving the historical, cultural, and environmental heritage of the moroveños (people of Morovis). The center offers everything from music and painting classes to poetry performances and art exhibitions.

The organization also puts on the annual Festival de Cuatristas y Trovadores, a fun-filled event held every September with music, dancing, food, drinks, and local crafts.

Explore Las Cabachuelas Caverns

Sign up at the Diógenes Colón Gómez Cultural Center or contact Cabacoop for a guided tour of Las Cabachuelas caverns, one of Puerto Rico’s most intriguing and alluring eco-tourism destinations. This natural attraction, which is part of Las Cabachuelas National Reserve, includes 60 entry points to a series of caves, caverns, and ditches. The site is a marvel to behold, with intricate stalactite and stalagmite formations, diverse flora, and an array of wildlife and insects.

The caves also offer an important glimpse into history. They feature art etched and painted by the Taíno people who originally inhabited the Island, as well as fossils of animal species that no longer exist in Puerto Rico.

View of the open-air dining room of Casa Bavaria in Morovis, Puerto Rico, with German flags hanging from a pitched ceiling and expansive hillside views.

Casa Bavaria is a chalet-style eatery in Morovis serving delicious German and Puerto Rican fare. 

A Taste of Germany in Puerto Rico

For an unexpected dose of German cuisine and culture in the middle of Puerto Rico, head to Casa Bavaria, a chalet-style eatery that churns out some of the tastiest brats, sauerkraut, spaetzle, and strudel that you’ll find anywhere in the Caribbean. Complementing its European menu (which also includes a hearty selection of Puerto Rican fare), the bar pours an impressive variety of imported beers. To round out the experience, the hillside location comes with inspiring views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below, providing the perfect backdrop for a memorable meal.

Casa Bavaria is the place to be during Oktoberfest, when the restaurant hosts weekend celebrations complete with live polka music, servers clad in lederhosen, food and drink specials, and a party atmosphere that draws both locals and visitors in search of a rousing good time.

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