In Bayamón, you'll find museums exhibiting the works of treasured local artists, an interactive science park perfect for families, and a thriving bar scene — all of which make it a great day trip from the capital city of San Juan. To get started, head over to the alcaldía (town hall), where visitors are encouraged to tour the building and learn about Bayamón before venturing out.

Here’s a look at some spots that shouldn’t be missed:

The Francisco Oller Art Museum in Bayamón exhibits the works of Puerto Rican painter Francisco Oller.

The Francisco Oller Art Museum in Bayamón exhibits the works of Puerto Rican painter Francisco Oller.

Museo Francisco Oller

Nestled in a neoclassical building that once housed City Hall, the Museo de Arte Francisco Oller showcases the work of beloved Puerto Rican painter Francisco Oller. At age 14, Oller shocked his countrymen with his artistic talent, and went on to become the only Latin American artist involved in the development of Impressionism. After a stint in France, Oller returned to Puerto Rico to paint some of the most astonishing pictures and portraits of his era. The museum also exhibits the works of many other Puerto Rican artists, including Tomás Batista, Consuelo Gotay, and Lorenzo Homar.

View of the entrance at the Museo de Arte de Bayamon

Nestled inside a Science Park, the Museo de Arte de Bayamón features classic and contemporary artwork. 

Museo de Arte de Bayamón

Fashioned around the great masters of past centuries, the recently renovated Museo De Arte De Bayamón opens a window to knowledge and designs that trace the tendencies of plastic art dating back to the 18th century. Take a stroll through its spacious corridors, where you’ll find classic still-life and portraits, as well as contemporary works of world-renowned creators. Their impressive permanent collection features pieces from international artists such as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Wilfredo Lam, and many more. You can also find the creations of over 50 Puerto Rican artists and a delightful sculpture garden. Access the art museum through the guarded gate at the Luis A. Ferré Science Park’s main entrance. The establishment operates from Tuesday through Saturday and the visit is free of charge.

Walkers on a path at Paseo Lineal Bayamon.

Paseo Lineal Bayamón, a pastoral park just west of San Juan.

Paseo Lineal

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Bayamón at Paseo Lineal, or "central park," a family-friendly green space with many scenic pathways and trails. Running for several miles along the Bayamón River, the park is perfect for walking and running, biking, skating, and picnicking, and has a children’s playground with slides and swings.

A sample of Ron del Barrilito rum at Hacienda Santa Ana in Bayamon.

Sample Ron del Barrilito rum at Hacienda Santa Ana in Bayamón.

Hacienda Santa Ana

This splendid estate houses the distillery of Ron del Barrilito, one of Puerto Rico’s most acclaimed rums. The spirit is made and aged right there at this former sugar plantation, which has been owned by the Fernández family since 1797. Although Hacienda Santa Ana doesn’t offer regular public tours, you may be able to make an appointment in advance for a private walk-through of the facilities. Even if you don’t venture inside, the house is a must-stop location for a photo-op.

El Nido & La Esquinita

Get a taste of Bayamón’s nightlife scene at these two neighborhood spots, located just a few blocks apart.

La Esquinita, which means “little corner,” is Bayamón’s first beer garden, offering locally brewed beers and food trucks. The relaxed, open-air setting makes this a popular after-work hangout, and a perfect stop for visitors to Bayamón, too.

El Nido is a fashion and art bar located right by a Tren Urbano (urban train) station, and combines the worlds of local beer and design with a trendy, modern ambiance. Both bars offer live music on weekends.