Rise and shine to a mimosa under the Caribbean sun!

A casual flute filled with champagne and your choice of freshly squeezed juice, buttermilk pancakes, or warm waffles… maybe some locally sourced eggs, benedict style? Yes, it's time for brunch!

You're on vacation, so you can sleep in and enjoy a nice meal at your leisure.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in Puerto Rico, that makes brunch the best! The culinary scene on the Island is ever-evolving, and the breakfast-for-lunch trend has exploded all across, especially in the metropolitan region. With farm-to-table sourced ingredients to French-style cuisine and themed restaurants, the metro area of Puerto Rico is booming with places to break the fasting and indulge in the richness of Caribbean gastronomy.

Note: Be sure to call ahead and check for sitting availability or make a reservation.

Whether it is breakfast or lunchtime,  check out these top-notch places in the heart and soul of the Caribbean:

Semilla Kitchen & Bar

A boutique café in the heart of Condado boasts of having the best brunch in the area. Their intimate, low-light setting makes for a deluxe experience, and their menu will make breakfast feel like fine dining. Order their special scrambled eggs with skirt steak, chicken waffles with guava bbq, or their tuna tartare huevos rancheros. Their menu also includes French toast sticks, breakfast potatoes, and even arroz mamposeato as a side for the classic-yet-sleek eaters. Semilla Kitchen & Bar also serves lunch and dinner.

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Madeline Café Bistro

You'll be saying Oh-la-la, Puerto Rican Style. Get all the Parisian vibes with a tropical twist when you visit this French-bakery-style eatery in San Juan. Try their Chef's Choice cream of the day or order their famous Cinnamon French Toast, Madeline Waffles, or even make it a sampler. Made with artisanal brioche bread, the Monte Cristo sandwich will make your mouth water. Their menu includes eggs Florentine, a criollo version of eggs benedict (with chorizo and amarillos), black truffle French fries, and more. Madeline Café Bistro also serves lunch, so if you're in the mood for a pizzetta, sandwich, pasta, or tartine, you'll find it there.

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Waffl-era Tea Room

Anyone in the mood for Belgium Waffles and some sights of the San Juan Bay? Well, you can have a waffle (or half) served many ways at an elegant-yet-relaxed setting in Waffl-era Tea Room — locally known as La Waflera. Whether you're in the mood for sweet or prefer something salty… even combine flavor palates, you can find it there. Top your deep-dish with some manchego cheese and prosciutto, or order a fruit topping with some dulce de leche; you really can't go wrong. Their menu includes smoked salmon and avocado, roast beef with goat cheese, gorgonzola basil, prosciutto, and more. Even better, you can create your fun combination of toppings. For drinks, you can choose from over a dozen whole leaf teas, infusions – including local blends, a selection of premium Puerto Rican coffee, and natural juice. Once you're done, head out and explore the magnificent cobblestone streets of Old San Juan.

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Sabrina Brunch & Bistro Bar

Named after the classic Audrey Hepburn film, you can find this stylish and sophisticated restaurant in the artsy street of Calle Loíza. Live music is part of the charm of Sabrina; large mirrors and hanging plants decorate the setting. As the ideal place for a girlfriend's getaway weekend brunch, the restaurant serves a refreshing cocktail menu that goes beyond simple mimosas. Their special bacon-cinnamon pancakes with coffee syrup sit atop their popular menu items, as well as the eggs benedict with mashed plantains and longaniza. You can always ask for the chef's special of the day, which will be a twist on a traditional breakfast item. Don't leave the place before taking an Insta-worthy shot outside by the "Tropical Paradise" mural painted by local artists Natalia Rodríguez.

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As the name would suggest, Tía is the neighborhood café that feels like visiting your favorite aunt's house. The restaurant is nestled between the Cupey district and the city of Guaynabo, and it gives you beachy, weekend vibes — even when it isn't. Find a very ample breakfast and lunch menu ranging from banana foster pancakes, blueberry salads, bacon and sausage sandwiches, cobb salad wraps, and more. You can also opt for lighter dishes like avocado toast, fruit salad, and honey oatmeal. Truly, at your aunt's place, there is a dish for everyone.

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Barullo Taberna Española

Barullo Taberna Española brings Spanish flavors to boozy Sunday brunch at Distrito T-Mobile in the Convention Center District. Be warned, this is not light fare! The menu ranges from Spanish classics like huevos estrellaos, torrijas, and tortilla española to more creative dishes like Los Españolitos (wagyu sliders with serrano ham) and Croque Señor/a (a twist on the Croque Monsieur/Madam using local mallorca bread). Pair your meal with a signature cocktail or a glass (or bottle) of mimosa.

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