The Paseo Lineal in Bayamon is a popular route for cyclists and joggers.

Mountain Biking & Cycling

With hundreds of miles of coastline, many nature reserves, and recreational parks, Puerto Rico offers attractive and scenic trails that are perfect for every skill level.

There are many bicycle rentals throughout the island, if you don’t want to travel with your own, making it easier for you to enjoy a full-day ride or a leisurely afternoon.  There are more than 37 bike trails on the island, including double-track, single-track, greenway, and more, with difficulty levels from beginner to advanced.

Maybe take a ride through the island’s unique desert forest? One of the most popular places to cycle or mountain bike is the Guánica State Forest on the southern side of the island, alongside route 333. Most of the trails are well marked and offer options for many types of rides. The panoramic trails – many following fire roads – cover about 10 miles and are composed of rocky limestone ledges. This forest is dry and hot, so be sure to pack a lot of sunscreen and water. 

Another favorite biking road is the Aguadilla Coastal Trail, known for being the longest route on the island. The trail covers about 22 miles and includes three types of descents. You can choose to bail out early – around mile 10 – if you decide you don’t want to go the whole distance. The spectacular views you’ll encounter are set along the mostly flat coastline – with an ascent – and are double-track for the most part.

On the east side of the island is the Corredor Ecológico, a scenic path that offers riders some uphill climbs, fire roads, river crossings, and an amazing view of a pristine beach – all within an eight-mile long trail.

Other trails like Domes Rincón trail and Monte Brujo offer riders a jungle-beach vibe that are not as intimidating as other trails and both beginners and advanced riders can have a great time.

Many other trails can be found around wildlife refuges and natural reserves around the island and, in most cases, bike rentals can be found on-site.

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