Balneario La Monserrate (Balneario de Luquillo)


Balneario La Monserrate is located in the eastern region of Puerto Rico, specifically in the town of Luquillo. The beach is managed by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources, which means that the beach has a few extra "perks" that set it apart from most beaches in Puerto Rico. The facilities include bathrooms, showers, green areas, picnic areas, among others.

Camping is possible in this area with a prior permit. The camping area prices vary from $10.00 for the green area, $13.00 with water, and $17.00 with power and water. Additionally, parking prices also vary from $2.00 for motorbikes, $3.00 for cars, $4.00 for mini-vans and $5.00 for buses. Note: Visitors have access to the beach through the gates located at the entrance, but the main entrance is temporarily closed.

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