Caribbean Chiliboats - La Parguera


Explore the keys, canals and mangroves of La Parguera aboard a Chiliboat water bike! Experience this unique Caribbean Nature Reserve in a fun and unconventional way, it will be a fabulous experience you will never forget!

A Chiliboat is a high performance water bike-catamaran, in which you will sail in a recumbent position, providing exceptional stability for a smooth and effortless ride. As you begin the tour, you will immediately be immersed in nature and the picturesque surroundings that make this town a Caribbean dream. Its colorful houseboats, peaceful sailboats, mangroves, and canals create the perfect setting for this charming southwest coast.

As you pedal through the mangrove channel, you cannot miss Parguera's most popular key, Cayo Caracoles. Surrounded by shallow waters, the key appears to form a natural pool in the middle of the ocean. Enjoy 30 minutes of the refreshing waters and party atmosphere that have made this key a favorite among locals, often filled with warm Caribbean energy and festive Puerto Rican music.

On the way back, lie down and allow yourself to absolve your environment for the last time, the sun's rays, the water below you that seems to transform into energy with each pedal stroke, the salty caress of the wind, the enchanting aroma that characterizes it. , and those colors that are only found in the Caribbean color palette. What a memory to reflect on and share with your friends on board and at home.

We have single and double Chiliboats, which will be assigned to each group, depending on the number of people per reservation

Our tours are CERTIFIED by the PR Tourism Company, PR Department of Natural and Environmental Resources and the PR Ports Authority, we offer quality and safety!

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