Casa Cubuy Ecolodge


We are on the south side of El Yunque National Forest. There are trails to river pools & waterfalls. This side of the forest has fewer visitors. There are no mosquitoes because a small tree frog eats the mosquito larva. It is a safe environment of pure air and water. We have no need for AC because we are at a cool 1,500 ft. above sea level. Our setting is enjoyed by children and adults

The nearest restaurants are 15-20 minutes away. Some guests prefer to cook a meal. We have made a separate kitchen for guests. it’s located at Sierra Palms. Upon re-opening, we will continue to include breakfast in the rate. We will also offer lunch for $10 per person. It consists of a sandwich, chips, fruit & cookies. This can be taken on a hike in a lunch bag or eaten on a plate here.

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