Whether your style is contemporary, classic, urban, or full of history, Puerto Rico has works of art that will inspire you with the island’s distinct interpretation of Caribbean culture.

For a mix of old and new, the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in San Juan’s artsy Santurce neighborhood features sculptures, paintings, and articles that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The sculpture garden outside the museum rivals the beauty of the works inside, including a koi pond and peaceful, park-like green space in the middle of the city. This museum is as much an architectural masterpiece as it is a collection of art.

A short walk from there is the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, which should be on a list of must-sees for any art enthusiast visiting the island. Plan for a few hours to explore its modern video installations, mixed-media work, and architecture.

You’ll find another Museo de Arte in the southern city of Ponce as well, which is filled with works from Europe and the Americas. More classical styles live alongside the works of local artists inspired by Spanish, African, and Taíno roots, which imbues every piece with a unique sense of place.

But Puerto Rico’s art goes far beyond the walls of museums. Visitors will stumble across art wherever they go – with hundreds of square feet of murals plastered on bridges, buildings, and even parking spaces. Thought and painted by local and international artists, these urban pieces tell the story of Puerto Rico from different (and colorful) perspectives, brushing on socio-political subjects, as well as transformational. Although Santurce was the original canvas for this movement, the street art trend has taken over the island, with large-scale murals popping up in every corner.

Writer and Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda created an 8-chapter series to showcase what makes Puerto Rico unique. In this episode, he explores the island’s vibrantly diverse art scene – both inside and outside the walls.

 Watch the complete series here. 

Puerto Rico’s 500+ years of cultural heritage makes it pulse with artistic expression and inspiration. Puerto Rico’s museums are world-renowned, and so is its street art– from murals and sculptures to traditional crafts. Join Lin-Manuel as he shows you that Puerto Rico itself is a huge museum, indoors and outdoors, and the arts take center stage as the island’s biggest export.

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