Explore Puerto Rico with Lin-Manuel Miranda

Experience the charm of Puerto Rico’s unique arts, culture, and attractions as you join award-winning actor, composer, and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda on a journey to celebrate the land of his ancestors.  

Check out the eight-part video series where Lin-Manuel introduces you to some of the island’s travel treasures, including museums, performing arts spaces, historic districts, night clubs, restaurants, beaches, and other great spots. Along the way, he'll introduce local personalities whose work helps to make Puerto Rico one of the best destinations in the world.  

Also, enjoy Lin-Manuel’s recommendations for what to see on the island, learn more about the spots featured in Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show episode recorded on the island, and find more ways to take part in Puerto Rico’s remarkable cultural, artistic and tourism renaissance. 

Grab a pen and paper and start planning your visit today!

Lin-Manuel visits La Placita de Guisin

Get to know Lin-Manuel Miranda's Puerto Rico

Visit the award-winning actor's favorite spots on the Island of Enchantment and fall in love with what makes Puerto Rico a unique, world-class destination. If you’re looking for tips and hints of what to do and where to go in Puerto Rico, follow these recommendations from the stage, film, music and television star:

  • Explore Old San Juan's rich culture and captivating 500+ year history.

  • Immerse yourself in the most artsy districts in the San Juan metropolitan area.

  • Experience the vitality and dance the night away on the island's trendiest spots.

  • Enjoy the sun and crystal waters in beautiful pristine beaches. 

  • Find adventure and thrilling experiences in the mountains of Puerto Rico.

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