Let your inner explorer roam free in Puerto Rico's mountains. 

You can pack a whole lot of action and even more memories when you go canyoning in Puerto Rico! A popular outdoor activity, canyoning is also known as canyoneering and consists of exploring canyons by rappelling, hiking, body rafting, and other techniques. 

There are distinct levels, from easy to hard, that can be done in different parts of the world, and Puerto Rico is not an exception. The Island's Class 1 (easy) rivers and rock towers provide the ideal setting for a safe, thrilling, eco-friendly expedition you won't soon forget. 

Climb, rappel, hike, swim, or float as you embrace adventure and set out to discover the hidden wonders of Puerto Rico. 

A group visiting the Tanama River

Get back in touch with nature at the Tanamá river. 

The Experience 

Body rafting in Puerto Rico is a unique way to access and explore the Island's ravines. Explora – the company that first brought canyoning to the Island – takes you on a unique adventure along the Tanamá river in Utuado, where you can experience the unique beauty of the Island. 

You'll arrive at a little cottage in the mountains, where all the safety equipment (such as life jackets, harnesses, safety helmets, kneepads, and more) will be waiting for you. Accompanied by a team of experts, you'll climb down into the canyon and hike an old Taíno trail as the guide opens your eyes and your mind to the rich biodiversity, geology, and hydrology of the area. The adventure continues at the canyon base, inside an underground tunnel where your journey down the river begins. You can body raft solo, in tandem, or linked with several people to effortlessly float downstream. 

If you're seeking a more adrenaline-fueled connection with nature, Rocaliza has several half-day and full-day tour options to choose from that include hiking, rappelling, rock climbing, and even ziplining in different parts of the Island.

You don’t have to venture too far from San Juan to experience an exhilarating journey into nature. Near the town of Caguas, you can hike and climb upriver, rappel 80 feet down the gorgeous El Salto waterfall to the bottom of a canyon, and zipline over the forest and river. Afterward, relax at the bottom of the canyon and take a dip in crystal-clear natural pools and have fun on natural waterslides. Rocaliza's experienced and certified guides will ensure your safety throughout the experience.

Another popular expedition is to Cañón San Cristóbal (Saint Christopher Canyon) in the mountain town of Barranquitas, a 5.6-mile literal crack in the Earth with a flowing river, natural pools, and waterfalls at the bottom. Several companies like Go Hiking Puerto Rico and Para La Naturaleza, the nonprofit conservation organization that gave the canyon its protected status, offer excursions of different difficulty levels, some are just hiking while others include rappelling down into (and back out of) the canyon.

Although no experience is required and the difficulty level for these activities is average, it is recommended to be in good physical condition, have no medical or physical conditions, and that you know how to swim. Pregnant women are also not advised to participate in these activities.

Before you go

Most tour operators provide roundtrip transportation from the metropolitan and west regions. All you need to do is book your tour! 

Before departing make sure you’re ready for the trek. Wear practical, quick-dry clothes that are appropriate for tropical weather (no jeans), your swimsuit underneath, and closed-toe hiking shoes or sneakers (no flip flops). You are encouraged to bring a second change of clothes and a towel.