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Photo: Calle Virtud, Old San Juan

Kite Flying at El Morro

"The most popular spot on the island for Kite Flying is the wide, open field of El Morro. The area around the historical landmark contains all the necessary conditions for successful kite flying in a picturesque setting: the sprawling green lawn, the unobstructured airspace (no power lines or aircraft), and the constant, unrelenting trade winds. With these characteristics, it's no wonder why kite flying in El Morro is something every Puerto Rican family tries at least once." By: EyeTour.com

Having fun in Old San Juan is not very hard. You could just buy a couple of kites and go crazy over the open green grass fields by El Morro. But if you prefer your schedule to be a bit more structured, any of these tours will show you around a city like no other.

Specialized tours

  1. 15 Knots Kiteboarding School

    Website (787) 215-5667
  2. Abe's Snorkeling and Bio-Bay Tours

    Website (787) 435-1362
  3. AdvenTours

    Website (787) 530-8311
  4. Aqua Adventure

    Website (787) 636-8811
  5. Atlantic San Juan Tours

    Website (787) 644-9841
  6. Aventuras Tierra Adentro

    Website (787) 766-0470
  7. Bio Island

    Website (787) 422-7857
  8. Black Beard Sports

    Website (787) 308-4478
  9. Castillo Tours

    Website (787) 791-6195
  10. Charlie's Custom Tours Puerto Rico

    Website (787) 648-1912
  11. Countryside Tours

    Website (787) 248-5147
  12. Culebra Divers

    Website (787) 742-0803
  13. Culebra Island Adventures

    Website (787) 529-3536
  14. East Island Excursions

    Website (787) 860-3434
  15. Eco Action Tours

    Website (787) 791-7509
  16. Explora

    Website (787) 900-7755
  17. Flavors of San Juan

    Website (787) 964-2447
  18. Get Shopped P.R.

    Website (787) 381-2861
  19. Group Services, Inc (GSI)

    Website (787) 863-6890
  20. Hacienda 8A

    Website (787) 567-0982
  21. Hacienda Monte Alto

    Website (787) 829-5353
  22. Island Kayaking Adventure

    Website (787) 444-0059
  23. Kayaking Puerto Rico

    Website (787) 245-4545
  24. Kiani Tours

    Website (787) 741-8687
  25. GoodWinds

    Website (787) 233-7862
  26. Las Tortugas Adventures

    Website (787) 637-8356
  27. Maguro Fishing Charters

    Website (787) 384-5188
  28. Maragata Yacht Charters

    Website (787) 637-1802
  29. Parguera Fishing Charters

    Website (787) 382-4698
  30. Potrero Brisas del Mar

    Website (787) 262-2229
  31. Puerto Rico Magic Tarpon

    Website (787) 644-1444
  32. Pure Adventure

    Website (787) 202-6551
  33. Rico Suntours

    Website (787) 722-2080
  34. San Cristobal Hiking Tour

    Website (787) 647-3402
  35. Scuba Dogs

    Website (787) 783-6377
  36. Sea Ventures

    Website (787) 863-3483
  37. Segway Tours

    Website (787) 598-9455
  38. Serenity Sea Tours, Inc.

    Website (787) 435-1358
  39. Tours de la Montaña

    Website (787) 214-9753
  40. Trans Travel

    Website (787) 615-7568
  41. Tropical Trail Rides

    Website (787) 872-9256
  42. Vieques Adventure Company

    Website (787) 692-9162
  43. VIP Tours

    Website (787) 536-4683
  44. Yokahú Kayak

    Website (787) 604-7375
  45. Dragonfly Adventures

    Website (787) 889-7430
  46. Hacienda Campo Rico

    Website (787) 523-2001
  47. Quesos Vaca Negra (Vaca Negra Cheese Co.)

    Website (787) 458-6345
  48. Paddle Paradise

    Website (787) 469-3397
  49. Sail San Juan Bay

    Website (787) 667-7778
  50. Spoon Food Tours

    Website (787) 249-4488

Culinary Tours @ Old San Juan

  1. Spirits of Puerto Rico

    An extraordinary rum and food tasting dinner experience. Join us and get acquainted with the rum and food culture of Puerto Rico at a restaurant in Old San Juan. As the evening progresses, your guide will teach you how to taste and differentiate between 8 different types of rum, served during a Puerto Rican dinner. You will become a bartender and prepare your rum cocktails from scratch. Must 21 years old.

    Website (787) 605-9060
  2. Interactive Puerto Rican Cooking Classes

    An authentic Puerto Rican Food expedition through the charming Old San Juan blue coble-stone streets from the 1500s century. Offer includes: four dinner courses progressively eaten through a VIP visit to different restaurants and a discount card given for future savings at partner shops and restaurants. Must be 18 years old or older.

    Website (787) 964-2447
  3. Old san Juan Shopping & Cooking Experience

    At the heart of Old San Juan's shopping district, a fully guided tour will show you the best and most unique stores San Juan's historic streets has to offer, including special sales and gifts to participants. Next, the highlight of the tour, visit a beautiful restaurant and taste the flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine where you can interact with our creative chef and learn how to do Mofongo.  Duration: 4 hours.

    Website (787) 381-2861
  4. 5 Stars, 5 Senses –A Walking & Foodie Tour of Old San Juan

    Entertain your palate with a self-cooked early dinner in our foodie workshop. Includes: Walking Tour, Cooking Demo, Puerto Rican complete dinner, Cocktail & Taxes. Tour: Mondays & Thursdays. Duration: Aprox. 4 hrs. Please reserve in advanced.

    Website (787) 722-2080
  1. Casa Isabel

    San Juan

    Website 787-630-5974
  2. Acacia Seaside Inn

    San Juan

    Website (787) 725-0668
  3. Aquarius Vacation Club at Boquerón Beach Resort

    Cabo Rojo, Dorado

    Website (787) 999-6330
  4. Bahía Beach Resort & Golf Club

    Río Grande

    Website (787) 809-8890
  5. Beside the Pointe on the Beach


    Website (787) 823-8550
  6. Best Western Plus Condado Palm Inn & Suites

    San Juan

    Website (787) 721-9500
  7. Borinquen Beach Inn


    Website 1-866-728-8400
  8. Casa Amistad


    Website (787) 247-1017
  9. Casa Condado Hotel

    San Juan

    Website (787) 200-8482
  10. Casa Isleña Inn


    Website (787) 823-1525
  11. Casa Sol

    Viejo San Juan

    Website (787) 725-4470
  12. Casa Verde Hotel


    Website (787) 823-5600
  13. CasaBlanca Hotel

    San Juan

    Website (787) 725-3436
  14. Ciqala Luxury Suites

    San Juan

    Website (787) 998-1176
  15. Club Seabourne


    Website (787) 742-3169
  16. Coconut Palms Inn


    Website (787) 431-4313
  17. Cofresí Beach Hotel

    Cabo Rojo

    Website (787) 254-3000
  18. Comfort Inn & Suites Levittown

    Toa Baja

    Website (787) 641-9090
  19. Comfort Inn San Juan

    San Juan

    Website (787) 721-0170
  20. Condado Plaza Hilton

    San Juan

    Website (888) 722-1274
  21. Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa


    Website (787) 821-0505
  22. Coral by the Sea


    Website (787) 791-6868
  23. Coral Princess Inn

    San Juan

    Website (787) 977-7700
  24. Courtyard Aguadilla by Marriott


    Website (787) 658-8000
  25. Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Hotel


    Website (787) 999-6500
  26. Da' House Hotel

    San Juan

    Website (787) 468-3577
  27. Canario Boutique Hotel

    San Juan

    Website (787) 722-3861
  28. Máre St. Clair Hotel


    Website (787) 791-5151
  29. Hacienda El Jibarito

    San Sebastián

    Website (787) 896-7754
  30. Hacienda Gripiñas


    (787) 828-1717
  31. Hotel El Convento

    San Juan

    Website (787) 723-9020
  32. Hotel El Guajataca


    Website (787) 895-3070
  33. Hotel Meliá


    Website (787) 842-0260
  34. Hotel Milano

    San Juan

    (787) 729-9050
  35. Hotel Ocean Front


    (787) 872-0444
  36. Cidra Country Club Inn & Villas


    Website (787) 714-3838
  37. Hyatt Place San Juan/Bayamón


    Website (787) 779-5000
  38. Hyatt Place Manatí Hotel & Casino Atlantico


    Website (787) 854-1000
  39. La Terraza de San Juan

    San Juan

    Website (787) 722-2014
  40. Paradise Guest House


    (787) 849-2679
  41. Combate Beach Resort

    Cabo Rojo

    Website (787) 254-2358
  42. Parador Costa del Mar


    Website (787) 266-6276
  43. Parador El Faro


    Website (787) 882-8000
  44. Parador Guánica 1929


    Website (787) 821-0099
  45. Parador MaunaCaribe


    Website (787) 861-3330
  46. Parador Palmas de Lucía


    Website (787) 893-4423
  47. Plaza de Armas Hotel

    San Juan

    (787) 722-9191
  48. Punta Maracayo Resort


    (787) 544-2000
  49. San Juan Suites Hotel

    San Juan

    Website (787) 725-1351
  50. San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

    San Juan

    Website (787) 722-7000
  51. Parador Villas del Mar Hau


    Website (787) 872-2045
  52. Parador Villa Parguera


    Website (787) 899-7777
  53. Parador El Buen Café


    Website (787) 898-1000
  54. Tryp by Wyndham


    Website (787) 728-1300
  55. Holiday Inn Ponce


    (787) 844-1200
  56. La Jamaca Guesthouse & Snack Bar


    Website (787) 899-6162
  57. Double Tree by Hilton San Juan

    San Juan

    Website (787) 625-3129
  58. Caribe Hilton

    San Juan

    Website (787) 721-0303
  59. Rainforest Inn

    Río Grande

    Website (925) 391-3131
  60. Costa Bahía Hotel & Convention Center


    Website (787) 835-3335
  61. Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino

    San Juan

    Website (787) 993-3500
  62. Lazy Parrot Inn


    Website (787) 823-5654
  63. Villa Montaña Beach Resort


    Website (787) 609-3047
  64. Costa Dorada Beach Resort


    Website (787) 872-7255
  65. Boquerón Beach Resort

    Cabo Rojo

    Website (787) 999-6330
  66. Wyndham Garden at Palmas del Mar


    (787) 850-6000
  67. Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort

    Río Grande

    Website (787) 888-6000
  68. Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel

    San Juan

    Website (787) 721-5100
  1. Aguadilla Beaches

    Known as the “Garden of the Atlantic” for its spectacular marine life and sponges, Aguadilla features some of the best surfing beaches on the island. Crash Boat, Gas Chambers, Wilderness and Surfer’s Beach rank among the top surf destinations in Puerto Rico, and the city has hosted numerous international surf competitions. Beneath the waves, an underwater kingdom awaits divers and snorkelers.


  2. Aguadilla Entertainment Complex

    Made up of four separate facilities - an ice skating arena, a bowling alley, a skate park, and a water park – it provides fun for the entire family, indoors or outdoors, wet or dry.


  3. Arecibo Lighthouse & Historical Park

    This cultural theme park transports you through five eras of Puerto Rico’s history, from the Spanish Conquest of 1494 to the Spanish American War in 1898, the same year the Lighthouse was built. Inside the restored Lighthouse there’s a museum of marine artifacts and on its rooftop there are great views of Arecibo, the Atlantic Ocean, and, if in season, a couple of whales swimming by.


    Website (787) 880-7540
  4. Arecibo Observatory

    The world’s largest single-dish radio telescope, the Arecibo Observatory, has been responsible for many notable findings in radio astronomy, planetary radar and terrestrial aeronomy. A tour of this unique attraction does more than channel your inner astronaut; it’s a chance to explore a true marvel of engineering.


    Website (787) 878-2612
  5. Playuela

    Playuela is one of the most picturesque half-moon shaped beaches in Puerto Rico, a secluded treasure on the southwestern tip of the island. Overlooking the beach is the Cabo Rojo lighthouse, which was built in 1882.

    Cabo Rojo

  6. Bahía Urbana

    A project for the revitalization of San Juan’s bay that has transformed a 21-block area into an entire neighborhood that features shopping, dining, hotels, housing, parks, trails, and a stunning waterfront esplanade.

    San Juan

  7. Balneario de Boquerón

    Boquerón Beach is very family-friendly with picnic tables, convenient parking, gazebos, handicap facilities, accommodations, cafeteria, playground, restrooms, and lots of palm trees perfect for a shaded nap on the beach.

    Cabo Rojo

  8. Balneario de Cerro Gordo

    One of the most popular “balnearios”, or public beaches, in Puerto Rico, Cerro Gordo is a wide crescent of sand on the shores of the deep blue Atlantic. You can swim, kayak and dive here against a lovely backdrop of rolling hills and green forests.

    Vega Alta

    Website (787) 883-2515
  9. Basílica Menor La Monserrate

    Built in the small town of Hormigueros in the west coast, this basilica dates to the late 16th century as a dedication to the Virgin of Montserrat. Its architecture combines Romantic elements and features a bell tower with Arabic elements.


  10. Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve

    Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, perched on the northeastern bluff of the island, is managed by the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico. It’s a chance to enjoy bird watching in various ecosystems ranging from swampy mangrove forests to rocky beaches. Guided tours are conducted in English and Spanish by appointment.


    Website (787) 722-5882
  11. Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge and Salt Flats

    The salt flats of Cabo Rojo and the Combate Beach coastline trails are a U.S. National Wildlife Refuge and an absolute paradise for bird watching enthusiasts. This arid landscape, almost an alien world amid Puerto Rico’s lush vegetation and azure beaches, is home to 25 species of migrating shorebirds. In fact, this is the most important point of convergence for migrating shorebirds in the eastern Caribbean. The salt flats are also frequented by over 90 resident and migratory birds and are part of the designated critical habitat of the yellow-shouldered blackbird, an endangered species. Trails available from the salt flats, Combate Beach, visitor centers, and Laguna Cartagena Refuge.

    Cabo Rojo

    Website (787) 851-2999
  12. Caguana Ceremonial Ball Courts Site

    This national historic landmark dates all the way back to 1,200 BC. It features several ball courts and a small museum of Taíno artifacts.


    Website (787) 894-7325
  13. Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden

    The garden exhibits the rich multicultural wealth that’s the foundation of the creole heritage, combining the Taíno, African, and Spanish influences. The garden also exhibits tropical flora in all its exuberance and is home to a great variety of wildlife.


    Website (787) 653-8990
  14. Caja de Muertos

    Caja de Muertos, or Coffin Island, is one of Ponce’s natural treasures. It’s a pristine environment with crystalline beaches a short ferry ride away from the coast of Ponce. It’s also a great place to hike and kayak. To secure your trip, reserve the ferry or tour in advance.


  15. Camuy Caves

    The Camuy Caves present one of the most dramatic natural settings that Puerto Rico has to offer. Set deep within a valley of lush tropical foliage, the extensive cave system runs along a mighty subterranean river. The national park extends beyond the caves and includes ample picnic and camping areas. Facilities include showers, bathrooms, and a well-stocked gift shop.


  16. Carite Forest

    This forest in the central part of the island is the home of Charco Azul, a natural pool with crystalline waters. You’re free to hike, camp, picnic and, of course, dive into the pool.


  17. Casa Blanca

    The secluded, white-walled estate at the beginning of San Sebastián Street in Old San Juan is one of the oldest structures in Puerto Rico. Built in 1521, it is the original home of the Ponce de León family.

    San Juan

  18. Casa Cautiño Museum

    A small but beautifully maintained cultural gem in Guayama, Casa Cautiño is a 19th century colonial mansion that once belonged to one of the region’s wealthiest landowners.

  19. Castillo San Cristóbal

    The largest fort ever built by Spain in the New World, the imposing Castillo San Cristóbal was completed in 1785. It was intended to guard against a land invasion, so it was ingeniously designed according to a “defense in depth” model, which created numerous successive barriers for advancing enemy forces.

    San Juan

  20. Castillo San Felipe del Morro (“El Morro”)

    El Morro is perhaps the most famous historic structure in Puerto Rico. Begun in 1539, the might fortress was built on a narrow point overlooking the San Juan Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It served as a formidable stronghold, successfully repelling almost every naval attack on the city. Today, El Morro and its sister fort, Castillo San Cristóbal, are National Historic Sites and the oldest European constructions in the United States National Park Service.

    San Juan

  21. Castillo Serrallés

    Built in the 1930s, the opulent Serrallés Castle was the home of the rum barons who created Don Q Rum. The mansion is now a museum with authentic furnishings from the era, lovely gardens and, across the street, a second attraction in the Vigía Cross.


  22. Coamo Springs

    These sulfur water springs have been open since the 19th century. The pools are surrounded with beautiful gardens and a small inn.


  23. Doña Juana Falls at Toro Negro Forest

    The Doña Juana Falls in the Toro Negro Forest (located in Orocovis) are actually a chain of three falls that end in a clear, refreshing pool. This secluded spot attracts far fewer crowds than the more popular La Mina Falls in El Yunque.


  24. Dos Bocas Lake

    This manmade lake between Utuado and Arecibo is surrounded with hilltop restaurants with a great view to the water and lush mountain vegetation. There’s a port where you can catch a free boat ride to any of the restaurants.


  25. El Palacete Los Moreau, Labadié Castle

    Historically known as the Labadié Mansion in the town of Moca, this house inspired writer Enrique Laguerre to write La Llamarada. The property was recently restored as a museum and renamed the "Palacete Los Moreau" in honor of Laguerre’s novel.


  26. El Yunque National Forest

    El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. Forest System. El Yunque is a special place with a unique ecosystem and a pristine natural beauty that has enchanted visitors for years.

    Rio Grande

  27. Fajardo Keys

    Just off the coast of Fajardo are numerous small keys, or cayos, worth exploring: Icacos, Ratones and Lobos are prime snorkeling destinations, and the postcard-perfect Palominito is a tiny jewel in the Caribbean Sea.


  28. Faro Punta Tuna

    One of the island’s least-visited areas, Punta Tuna in Maunabo, is a beautiful virgin beach that stretches almost a mile in length. At its northern end is a rocky outcropping topped by a small lighthouse.


    Website (787) 861-0825 ext. 3701
  29. Guánica Dry Forest

    This subtropical dry forest is very different from the lush rainforest of El Yunque. Designated as a United Nations Biosphere, the Guánica forest is home to more than 600 types of flora and fauna and 48 endangered species, 16 of which are endemic to the island. A visit here includes a trip to the idyllic and unspoiled Gilligan’s Island.


  30. Hacienda Buena Vista

    This unique 19th century landmark combines history and nature in a single tour. Guided tours will take you to the historic estate of the original owners, to walk through the natural protected areas, and will show you how coffee and other products were harvested and roasted using the latest technology in the 1800s. Hacienda Buena Vista is located north of Ponce.


    Website (787) 722-5882
  31. Isla de Cabras National Park

    The small battery here (called “El Fortín del Cañuelo”) was El Morro’s deadly counterpart, delivering a barrage of cannon fire that made the San Juan Bay practically impregnable. Close by is another reason to visit this area: the Blue Flag public beach at Punta Salinas.

    Toa Baja

  32. La Fortaleza

    Completed in 1540, La Fortaleza (“The Fortress”) was one of the city’s earliest defenses against attack. In 1846, it became the official governor’s residence.

    Website (787) 721-7000 ext. 2211
  33. La Guancha

    A gateway to the Caribbean Sea, the port of La Guancha features a recreational part with an observation tower, a boardwalk, restaurants, food stands, and live music on weekends.


  34. La Marquesa Forest

    This 600-acre forest in the middle of the city offers many recreational areas, as well as a great variety of flora and fauna. Among its highlights are a spectacular aviary, a butterfly conservatory, and a funicular railway. It is a very popular destination among the children.


  35. La Parguera

    La Parguera is a seafront fishermen’s village where you will find a wide variety of restaurants, souvenir stores, small inns and boat trips to several cays. La Parguera is also home of one of the three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico.


  36. Luis A. Ferré Science Park

    Located in the city of Bayamón, this 42-acre complex features a natural observatory, a zoo, science exhibitions, and an artificial lake.


  37. Mar Chiquita

    Off the beaten path, Mar Chiquita (“Little Sea”) is a uniquely picturesque beach. Mar Chiquita’s waters are protected from the rough Atlantic surf by twin arms of rock and coral that nearly enclose it, creating a beautiful natural pool.


  38. Museo de Arte de Ponce

    Home to the finest collection of European art in the Caribbean, the Ponce Museum of Art boasts 4,500 pieces and includes works by Roy Lichtenstein, Lord Frederic Leighton, Peter Paul Rubens, El Greco and Velázquez, as well as works by Puerto Rico native José Campeche.


  39. Museo del Niño de Carolina

    More than 100 thematic, interactive, and educational exhibitions for all ages and interests. The museum also features outdoor games, a go-kart track, and a full-size American Airlines airplane.


    Website (787) 257-0261
  40. Museum of Contemporary Art

    Housed in the historic Rafael M. Labra Building, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC) celebrates a great variety of modern art expression, from paintings and sculpture, to video and mixed media.

    San Juan

  41. Parque de Bombas Museum

    The most whimsical building in Ponce is a red-and-black Moorish fire station located in Plaza Las Delicias. Built in 1882, the striking Parque de Bombas was the city’s primary fire station for over a century. In 1990, it was decommissioned and converted into a museum commemorating the history of Ponce’s firefighters.


  42. Paseo La Princesa

    No walk in Old San Juan is complete without an evening stroll through this restored 19th century esplanade. The promenade is lined with antique street lamps, trees, statues, fountains, and street vendors.

    San Juan

  43. Porta Coeli

    Originally a convent, the Porta Coeli Church is the most famous attraction in San German and is one of the oldest churches in the Americas and the oldest church under the United States jurisdiction.

    San Germán

  44. Puerto Rico Museum of Art

    The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) in Santurce is San Juan’s magnificent fine arts showcase. Inaugurated in 2000, the architecturally stunning, 130,000-square foot structure exhibits Puerto Rican art from the 17th century to the present. In addition, the museum hosts numerous exhibits throughout the year and boasts an outstanding children’s interactive exhibit.

    San Juan

  45. Rincón Lighthouse & Park

    Built in 1922, this lighthouse is situated in a park with great views to Domes Beach and nearby Desecheo island. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset and, if in season, whales swimming by.


  46. Salinas Olympic City

    This 1500-acre park is dedicated exclusively to sports. It hosts top-notch facilities for almost every Olympic sport, a museum of Puerto Rico’s Olympic history, and even a family water park.


    Website (787) 824-2200
  47. San Cristóbal Canyon

    A unique geological site, the San Cristóbal Canyon between Barranquitas and Aibonito is the only volcanic rift on the island, forming a deep ravine that measures 650 feet. This is a destination best reserved for serious, experienced adventurers. A reservation is required.


    Website (787) 722-5834
  48. San Juan Bautista Cathedral

    The second oldest cathedral in the Americas, the San Juan Cathedral dates back centuries. The original structure, built in 1521, no longer stands; the current building was begun in 1540 and gradually evolved into the graceful Gothic façade you see today.

    San Juan

  49. San Juan National Historic Site

    The oldest European constructions in the United States National Park Service that includes the imposing forts of Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo San Cristóbal, as well as the Fortín San Juan de la Cruz known locally as El Cañuelo, and three fourths of the city walls.

    San Juan

  50. The Bacardi Distillery

    Known as “the Cathedral of Rum,” the Bacardí rum distillery welcomes visitors each day with a tour of its sprawling facility across the bay in Cataño followed by a free sample of their world-famous rum.


    Website 787-788-8400
  51. The Route of the Creole Heart

    The route is a journey of several stops through Caguas’s traditional urban center that includes City Hall Museum, Tobacco Museum, art museum, musical center, Popular Arts Museum, the cathedral, and other historic sites.


    Website (787) 653-8833 ext. 2906
  52. Toro Negro Forest

    When you visit the second-highest peak in the Cordillera Central mountain range, you can expect your share of forest hikes. Stop by the ranger station on Route 143 and pick up a trail map. Among the highlights at Toro Negro are the challenging hike to the observation tower, the small but picturesque La Confesora falls and pool, and the spectacular Doña Juana waterfall. Route 143 is the main artery that runs through Toro Negro. This road is part of the Ruta Panorámica, or Panoramic Route, a scenic, winding network of roads through the central region of Puerto Rico.


  53. Toro Verde Adventure Park

    Come to Orocovis for its spectacular eco-park, Toro Verde, which boasts hanging rope bridges, rappelling, hiking, and one of the largest zip lines in the world.


    Website (787) 867-7100
  54. Tortuguero Nature Reserve

    The Tortuguero Lagoon is part of a nature reserve formed by swamps, mangroves, and karst hills. It is Puerto Rico’s largest sweet water lagoon, home to exotic flowers and several endangered species. You can hike, picnic, and even fish.

    Vega Baja

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