Bohemia Cocina en Movimiento


Nestled in the luscious mountains of Cayey, Bohemia Cocina en Movimiento is a culinary experience unlike many. This five-course experience leaves you wanting to come back... the attention to details, the personalized service, the perfect wine pairing, and an unbeatable atmosphere, makes Bohemia Cocina en Movimiento the perfect retreat to enjoy fine dining. Conceptually, it is not a restaurant like the ones you know. In an effort to break with tradition and monotony, plates change from week to week, ingredients come to life as the executive chef explains each and every dish to you and your group. and breaking with the established leads us to live great moments.

Smoked dishes, long cooking cuts of meats and fresh pastas are part of Cocina’s identity. A variety of house drinks and wine and craft beer pairings prepared by expert sommeliers and “cicerón”.

Enjoy the amazing landscape in between courses. Make sure you come with plenty of time to just immerse yourself fully in the experience! Aside from the expert wine and drinks pairings, the music plays an important part of Bohemia. Each set is perfectly curated to go with your meal course.

Also, at Bohemia Cocina en Movimiento culinary experiences can be personalized for you and your group. Bringing Bohemia to your space or corporate event is possible; also, for your family event (family reunion, wedding, birthday, Christmas party or corporate event). Visit Bohemia’s current home, Hacienda SiempreViva in Cayey.

Everything at Bohemia Cocina en Movimiento is designed to make you enjoy one of the best culinary experiences of your life.
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