Live Boricua: Behind the Campaign

Live Boricua is a movement that was created by Discover Puerto Rico and led by local voices to celebrate the state of mind, way of life, spirit, flavor, and rhythm that can only be experienced in Puerto Rico.

Filmed throughout the Island by a Puerto Rican crew and featuring local talent, #LiveBoricua is an invitation to discover the people, places, and experiences that you can only find on the Island. No matter where you live, we welcome you to embrace our vibrant culture with open arms, to taste the passion in our foods and drinks, let everything go, and experience the joy of everyday life in Puerto Rico. 

Go beyond the surface and explore how the Live Boricua campaign was made.

What is Boricua?


\ bȯ-ree-kwa \

A person from Puerto Rico by birth or descent.


Locations Featured in the Campaign

Ready to #LiveBoricua in Puerto Rico? Put these destinations on your must-visit list.

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Playa Negra (Black Sand Beach)

Location: Vieques

Region: Culebra & Vieques

Bask in the Caribbean sun on Playa Negra, a rare black sand beach located on the small island of Vieques where ink-black volcanic sand meets turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs. 

La Factoría, Old San Juan

Location: San Juan

Region: Metro

Enjoy crafted cocktails and dance the night away to live music at La Factoría in Old San Juan.

Cañon Blanco

Location: Utuado

Region: Central Mountains

Explore ancient Taíno petroglyphs and take in sweeping views from the cool, fresh waters of Cañón Blanco, a majestic canyon nestled in the Central Mountains.

El Periquito Waterfall

Location: San Lorenzo

Region: East

For a refreshing and ethereal experience, take a hike to one of Puerto Rico's many hidden waterfalls, like El Periquito.

Playa Media Luna

Location: Vieques

Region: Culebra & Vieques

On the beautiful island of Vieques, Playa Media Luna is just one of the many Puerto Rico beaches famed for their white sand, crystalline water, and swaying palms.

Callejón, Old San Juan

Location: San Juan

Region: Metro

From historic cobblestone streets to lively bars and venues, you never know where the urge to dance will strike in Old San Juan. 

woman dancing

Bringing the Boricua Spirit to the World

Boricua is a colloquial term for a person from Puerto Rico by birth or descent. But it is also…

  • A way of life that embraces every moment with passion, exuberance, and joy.
  • A state of mind that can’t help but be optimistic and find something or someone to celebrate.
  • A rhythm that infuses itself into every moment.
  • A melody that seems to play from every corner.
  • A style of its own that is vibrant, colorful, proud, and bold.
  • A flavor that fuses tradition, passion, and a story into every bite and sip.
  • A history that is complex and rich, creating a thriving and diverse cultural tapestry across the Island.
  • A spirit that must be experienced and felt to be understood, but connects universally.

Above all, it is unique to Puerto Rico.

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