FOK Brewing Co


After exploring with Craft Beer kits, where you mix all the premeasured ingredients with the right amount of water, boil them, cool them, add yeast, and ferment the beer... voilà!! Craft Beer from your garage, we decided it was time to start everything from scratch to see where that took us.

The experiment got us to purchase state of the art equipment for a nano brewery operation. Our brewery was a 4bbl system with 4 fermentation tanks. Too soon we learned that it was not exactly the same going from 5 to 125 gallons. It took us plenty of time to get everything in line and standardize our quality. By that time, people were asking for more of our beers.

Now, we have added extra capacity with a new 8-barrel system with 6 new fermentation tanks and 4 brite tanks are now working alongside our first equipment, to produce over 1000 gallons of beer per week.

Visitors can stop in to see the brewing process for themselves and also grab a bite to eat at the onsite Cocina 727. The brewery is open Wednesdays and Thursdays 4-10PM, Fridays and Saturdays 3-11PM and Sundays 1-9pm.

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