Museo del Café de Puerto Rico


The Museum:
When visiting the town of Ciales, let the rich aroma of coffee drag you to Paseo Aroma de Café. Visit Puerto Rico Coffee Museum and learn about the local and regional history of this product as an expression of the general history of the island and the historical development of coffee in the economy of Puerto Rico, which reaffirms our national, cultural and collective character within the historical processes related to Puerto Rican coffee.

In our facility, you will find a vast collection of antique coffee mills. We also have rustic pieces used by our ancestors for pulping, drying, and roasting of coffee beans. The Casa Pintueles collection is unique. The Coffee Museum preserves documents relating to the business activity of this export company from 1800 until late 1900.

Coffee Shop:
After going through the experience of reviewing the history of Puerto Rican coffee, nothing more appropriate than to enjoy a cup of the best coffee you’ll ever have the opportunity to drink.

The Store:
Next to the museum is Puerto Rico Coffee House, home of the exclusive Café Don Pello. Here you can buy specialty coffee beans roasted and grounded just for you.

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