Founded in 2012, Spoon is Puerto Rico’s leading tour operator and travel planning & logistics company with a specialization in culinary experiences. Our experiences are designed to be immersive, authentic, informative and educational, providing our customers with insights into the local food systems, culinary traditions, and sustainable practices. We champion diversity and have a passion for travel, tourism, the culinary industry and Puerto Rico.

From walking food and cocktails tours in San Juan to driving tours throughout Puerto Rico, hands-on cooking classes and farm tours, private dinners and events, we design and successfully run an array of culinary & cultural experiences.

We strongly support sustainable tourism and community involvement to contribute to Puerto Rico’s development. We collaborate closely with local communities, chefs, and food artisans to ensure that our experiences provide authentic and meaningful interactions. We support local economies by promoting local food culture, creating employment opportunities, and respecting the cultural heritage and traditions of the communities we visit.

We are the owners and producers of Puerto Rico Restaurant Week™, an annual event that during the last decade has significantly increased revenue for the restaurant and tourism industries and has helped position Puerto Rico as a top culinary destination. In 2021, we were selected by the James Beard Foundation to become their partners in Puerto Rico and produce all of the Foundation’s events on the Island.

Our company has won national and international awards, and have been featured in noteworthy publications such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Guardian, The NY Times, Forbes, Food & Wine Magazine, Washington Post, Lonely Planet, et al.

Join us today on an unforgettable experience!

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