Should you hit the beach or go sightseeing first?

Which activity would you most like to do?

Lunch is served and you’re having…

You are more comfortable wearing:

What is more important in a getaway?

There is some downtime, where are you headed?

You need a drink, what are you ordering?

How would you describe the perfect vacation?

Atop a mountain peak

Can you hear it? The peaks and sierras of Puerto Rico are calling you. Hiking, camping, and even zip lining are both relaxing and thrilling. Discover the great outdoors as you venture into one of the many nature reserves and forests of the Island.

Start planning your adventures in Puerto Rico’s central mountains

Hiking at Toro Negro

By the beach

Under the sun, a palm tree, or an umbrella, your heart will be warm near the ocean. Whether relaxing on a secluded beach, sunbathing at a world-renowned spot, or even snorkeling and sailing at an off-island cay, we’ll find you where the sky meets the waves.

Find the perfect beach for you

La Chiva beach in Vieques.

Around the river bend

Rivers, waterfalls, streams… anywhere you can breathe the fresh air and cool down by a natural pool or under an impressive cascade is the ideal place to start your vacation. From impressive creeks that flow through a canyon or a navigable beck, nature will add a nice flow to your vacation.

Explore the most beautiful waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Family at the river

Inside a cave

Exploring nature with a side of history is your idea of a good time! From deciphering ancient petroglyphs to discovering Puerto Rico’s endemic fauna,

Exploring Caves in Puerto Rico

Cueva Ventana