Share in the Sunshine

Puerto Rico has so much sunshine to spare, we created our own exclusive color — Puerto Rico Sunshine. Learn how to experience its vibrancy and warmth, wherever you are!

From the sunrises of Fajardo to the sunsets of Rincón, Puerto Rico has sunshine to spare. If you’ve ever wished you could bottle up that sunshine and bring it home with you... now you can! We re-created the vibrant red-orange shade of our sunny skies to brighten up your world all year round. Introducing Puerto Rico Sunshine!

Friends enjoy a beautiful sunset in Aguadilla

Aguadilla is known to have some of the best surf breaks on the Island.

An exuberant and exotic sun-kissed orange shade infused with energizing warmth and a gregarious presence, Puerto Rico Sunshine wraps you in a welcoming and joyful embrace. Animated in style with an enticing allure, Puerto Rico Sunshine celebrates the openhearted spirit, passionate character and flamboyant nature of this lush tropical paradise.

A home decorated using Puerto Rico Sunshine inspired paint.

Sunshine in a Can

Experience the energizing warmth of Puerto Rico Sunshine at home with limited-edition paint from ECOS Paints®, and get tips for brightening up any space from San Juan-based interior designer Cristina Villalón.

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Headshot of Dr Jimenez.

Capturing the Color

To capture the shade of our Island sunshine, we looked to Héctor J. Jiménez, Ph.D., a physicist at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. Through a series of models and calculations, Dr. Jiménez measured everything from the sun’s temperature to its movements around the Island throughout the day.  

“Puerto Rico’s constant breeze continuously cleans the atmosphere of smog and other polluting gasses, allowing the sunlight to shine through the atmosphere and reach the Island in a purer state.”

Designer Christian Cowan fixes model dress during New York Fashion Week.

Designer Christian Cowan created a stunning dress inspired by our vibrant, red-orange shade Puerto Rico Sunshine.

Lighting Up NYFW

Puerto Rico Sunshine lit up the runway during the iconic New York Fashion Week. The incredible designer Christian Cowan created a one-of-a-kind dress inspired by the vibrancy of the Island’s sunshine and included it in his Fall 2022 collection. Shout out to Puerto Rican model Neiris Gabriela, who made her NYFW debut wearing the vibrant dress!

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