Orocovis' local dish is so popular, in fact, that there is an entire gastronomic route devoted to it. La Ruta de la Longaniza is a collection of more than 15 restaurants and chinchorros (roadside kiosks) that dish up variations of the star ingredient, accompanied by tostones, arroz con habichuelas, mofongo, and other staple sides. 

Whether you’re going to Orocovis in search of longaniza or other great local dishes, here are some of the restaurants you should try:

View of the setting at La Sombra restaurant

Visit the iconic La Sombra restaurant and try their famous longaniza dishes

Restaurante La Sombra

Restaurante La Sombra is the undisputed king of Puerto Rican longaniza in all its forms: stuffed with chicken, pork, fish, or mixed, and paired with stewed rice and beans, tasty mofongo, or tostones. The restaurant also boasts beautiful mountain views, and prepares homemade desserts that make the perfect finale to a delicious meal. La Sombra is very popular with locals and tourists alike, so it can be busy on weekends; if possible, try to schedule your visit on a weekday, but if you do go on a weekend, just be patient — it’s worth the wait.

Los Naranjos, Cafetín Los Amigos, La Cobacha Criolla, Vagoneando, and many more also serve their takes on longaniza and Puerto Rican criolla (creole) food.

Learn more about la ruta de la longaniza

savory rice dish at Restaurante Toro Verde

Before you go ziplining, fill up at Restaurante Toro Verde!

Restaurante Toro Verde

Restaurante Toro Verde is located inside Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, and is a popular place to fuel up before or after a zipline ride. The menu, which highlights national dishes, pastas, vegetarian items, and a range of soups, salads, and picadera (tapas), gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from visitors. But perhaps the biggest draw is the outdoor terrace, which offers spectacular views of the mountains. While you dine, you can watch daring souls being launched from The Monster, the longest zipline in the Americas, and the park’s main attraction.

Las Cabañas Doña Juana

This affordable, family-friendly eatery has been around for more than 30 years. At Las Cabañas Doña Juana, dishes like pork, rice and beans, root vegetables, tostones, and the famous charcoal-grilled ribs are what keep the customers coming back. You’ll also find a variety of fritters, including an outstanding alcapurria. 

Outdoor patio overlooking the forest at Roka Dura Wine and Grill

Roka Dura Wine and Grill is known for its amazing views, natural juices, and savory mofongos

Roka Dura Wine and Grill

This quaint wooden restaurant sits at the top of a hill, very close to Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park. Roka Dura Wine and Grill is known for its sizzling churrasco, mojitos prepared with natural juices, and savory mofongos. The mountain views are breathtaking, there’s a great list of wine and cocktails, and the service is friendly. What more can you ask for?

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