A collection of colorful, handmade souvenirs. 

Small businesses. Big stories.

Getting to know Puerto Rico is an experience that must be lived through all the senses as the Island has a diverse culture, stunning art, exquisite aromas, and delicious flavors.

To export the Island's talent and creativity, the family company Brands of Puerto Rico created a platform that serves as a stage for local artisans and small business owners to showcase their products to audiences worldwide. Suppose you are a visitor who yearns to relive pleasant experiences of the Island, or haven't been able to come to Puerto Rico yet, or are a Puerto Rican living outside the Island who wants to stay connected to your homeland. In that case, Brands of Puerto Rico has something for you.

The Brands of Puerto Rico platform seeks to tell stories through products created by Puerto Rican hands. Below, you'll see some of the best sellers on the platform.

Brands of Puerto Rico

Bring a piece of Puerto Rico home.

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