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The most impressive diving here is found at uninhabited Desecheo island. This National Wildlife Refuge (under the management of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) is some nine miles due west of Rincón. Desecheo is an oceanic islet with more than 24 dive sites scattered around a rocky bottom that slopes to 120 feet. Marine life is pristine, abundant and visibility can reach 100 feet.

The waters off Mona Island (50 miles off the west coast) are among the cleanest in Puerto Rico, with horizontal visibility at times exceeding 200 feet. More than 270 species of fish have been found in Mona waters, including more than 60 reef-dwelling species. Larger marine animals, such as sea turtles, whales, dolphins, and marlins, visit the region during migrations. Various types of coral reefs, underwater caverns, drop-offs, and deep vertical walls ring the island.

This coastal town in eastern Puerto Rico offers divers the opportunity to explore reefs, caverns, mini-walls, and channels near a string of small islands. The reefs are decked with corals ranging from delicate gorgonians to immense coral heads. Sand channels and a unique double-barrier reef surround Palomino Island. El Diablo, to the northeast, provides vast coral gardens and marine life sightings can range from octopuses and barracudas to manatees.

There are as many as 35 dive sites in a 5-mile radius off shore. Overhangs, caves, and tunnels are found in 55 feet of water along the two-mile long Basslet Reef, where dolphins visit in the spring. Among the notable sites are The Cracks, a jigsaw of caves, alleyways, and boulders. The Reserve has a visibility that often exceeding 100 feet. For the experienced diver, Red Hog has a panoramic wall that drops from 80 feet to 1,160 feet.

Culebra Island is great for snorkeling and shallow dives of 10 to 50 feet, with visibility up to 80 feet. Most dives are close to shore. The sea is calm, and the currents are mild to none. Culebra is surrounded by two dozen cays. Two of them are open to the public during the day and the rest shelter bird colonies. Reefs here are extensive, healthy and extremely photogenic, with hawksbill turtles sharing the sea with tiny blue chromis. As many as 50 dive sites include opportunities such as a natural tunnel, caves, deep water drop offs, a sunken tug boat teeming with marine life and endless

The top sites – featuring coral formations, giant barrel sponges and schools of reef fish –are found in the shallow fringing reefs off the island's south shore, most notably Angel Reef, Patti’s Reef and Blue Tang Reef. Angel Reef is a shallow reef, at 40 to 60 feet, with corals in near pristine condition, teeming with marine life, including groups of gray angelfish.

  1. Taíno Divers


    Website (787) 823-6429
  2. Adventures Tourmarine

    Cabo Rojo

    Website (787) 375-2625
  3. Adventures Tourmarine

    Cabo Rojo

    Website (787) 375-2625
  4. Sea Ventures


    Website (787) 863-3483
  5. Sea Ventures


    Website (787) 863-3483
  6. Culebra Divers


    Website (787) 742-0803
  7. Black Beard Sports


    Website (787) 308-4478

The Wall

Fallen Rock

Spur-and-groove bottom covers the top of the wall, offering up hordes of colorful tropicals and a dense bramble of branching corals and sponges. The top soars up to 80 feet, and on, over and around it are battalions of soldierfish, chromis, wrasses, trumpets, and triggerfish.

DEPTH: 75-120 feet | SKILL LEVEL: Novice to Advanced | ACCESS: Boat

Black Wall

A sheer wall draped in black coral trees begins at 60 feet and drops all the way to 200 feet.

DEPTH: 60-200 feet | SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate | ACCESS: Boat


So named because "it just doesn't look real." Indeed, the place has an Alice in Wonderland quality to it. There are mushrooms of mounding coral 12 to 15 feet tall and up to 30 feet in diameter.

DEPTH: 10-130 feet | SKILL LEVEL: Novice | ACCESS: Boat

Getting to The Wall

  1. Island Scuba


    Website (787) 821-4373
  2. Papayo Divers Inc.

    La Parguera, Lajas

Technical divers or other diverse who want to train in technical diving will find Puerto Rico to be the perfect place for this specialized underwater experience.

  1. Rincon Diving & Snorkeling

    A center created to promote technical shore diving in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. It is composed of specialized instructors, dive masters, and divers who teach courses at all levels.


    Website 787-506-3483
  2. Hyperbaric Medical Facility

    This clinic that provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of medical illness, is an example of how committed Puerto Rico is to this sport. Located in San Juan’s Medical Center, this facility is one of the most advanced and the largest in all of Latin America, with the capacity Centro Médico.

    San Juan

    (787) 777-3535 ext. 6475

El Escambrón

This region is ideal for introductory resort courses, certification courses, and night dives. Lava reefs with caverns, tunnels,and overhangs provide hiding areas for schools of snapper, grunts, and copper sweepers.

  1. Ocean Sports


    Website (787) 268-2329
  2. Scuba Dogs


    Website (787) 783-6377
  3. Aqua Adventure, Inc.

    San Juan

    Website (787) 636-8811
  4. Unlimited Divers

    San Juan

    Website (787) 273-7044
  5. Caribe Aquatic Adventures

    San Juan

    Website (787) 281-8858

Crash Boat

Although northwestern Puerto Rico is a surfer’s paradise, the island’s best-known artificial underwater kingdom is found along the pilings of the old dock at Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla. The pilings are covered with sponges in every color imaginable. Waters slope from the beach down to about 30 feet, with visibility to 60 feet. You will find seahorses, colorful bristle worms, feather duster worms, eels and schooling fish.

  1. Aquatica Dive & Surf


    Website (787) 890-6071

Rompeolas, Mosquito Pier

Located at the Mosquito neighborhood in North Vieques, you’ll find a diversity of marine life along a long breakwater.

  1. Black Beard Sports


    Website (787) 741-1892
  2. Isla Nena Scuba


    Website 787-718-7607 / 787-718-7605
  3. Rincon Diving & Snorkeling


    Website (787) 506-3483

Melones Beach, Culebra

Crystalline waters steal the show at the Luis Peña Canal Nature Reserve.

  1. Culebra Divers


    Website (787) 742-0803


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    Scuba Dogs, San Juan

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    Taíno Divers, Rincón

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  2. Scuba and Snorkeling at West Coast

    Aquatica Dive & Surf, Aguadilla

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  3. Snorkeling and Diving in Rincón

    Rincón Diving, Rincón

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    Island Scuba, Guayanilla

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  1. Discover Scuba Diving

    Sea Ventures, Fajardo

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  6. Pure Adventure's Dive & Snorkeling Center


    Attractions: Bio Bay Laguna Grande

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  1. El Viequense Sea Tours

    Live a fun day trip through the coastal waters of Vieques Island from the perspective of a “viequense” local captain and crew who knows the authentic history & secrets of each visited place.

    Email (787) 925-2101
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