Explore the Island's most remote shores. 

Skies above your head, sand beneath your feet… life is good away from the crowds.

Suppose a tranquil, social-distanced escape is what you're after. In that case, the resort-studded shores aren't precisely your definition of serenity. Puerto Rico has nearly 300 miles of coastline but finding that perfect spot where the population is just you – and your friends can be tricky. Beyond the white sand of Flamenco beach, shy away from the vibrant life at Crashboat beach, and a bit far from Isla Verde's bustle, lie some of the Island's best-kept secrets: off-the-beaten-path beaches.

Have the ultimate paradise experience in a setting just for you. From difficult access to easy finds, here are the top secluded beaches in Puerto Rico:

Note: There is no need to book a boat trip to access these beaches. The level of difficulty refers to the hike to get to them.

Explore Puerto Rico's Best Beaches for Relaxing 

Playa Escondida

Playa Escondida shares a trail with Playa Colorá and are completely different. 

Playa Escondida and Playa Colorá

If it's got hidden in the name, it must be secluded, right? Playa Escondida, which literally means "hidden beach," is a real gem in the town of Fajardo. It only takes a 15–20-minute easy hike past the most remote corner of Seven Seas beach — a more popular seaside in the region, to access it. The view past the mangroves is worth the walk! Dubbed one of the most peaceful beaches on the Island, you'll find gold-dust sand with soft waves caressing the shore. This paradisiac spot provides the perfect setting to enjoy El Yunque and the Luquillo coastline's impressive views. Grab your towel, a book, and some friends, and enjoy your day under the sun away from the bustle. Suppose you head back to the path and walk along an extra five minutes in the opposite direction. In that case, you'll find Playa Colorá, another secretly pristine beach with reddish-colored sand turquoise waters. Because it is a bit of a hike, you'll need to bring everything, from beach chairs to a blanket, floaties, water, and snacks. There is not a kiosk or changing station in sight.  

Access: Easy to moderate

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Pozo Teodoro 

If you're looking for a family-friendly, kid-safe beach that is also far from the masses, there is one just for you in the town of Isabela. Just minutes away from Jobos beach is a natural well of almost two-three feet deep known as Pozo Teodoro. The waves break over the rock formations (just like in Mar Chiquita, Manatí), making the tides shallow and serene. The watercolor changes through the day from light blue to deep turquoise and sometimes emerald green – depending on the time of day and how clear the skies are. This is a great place to relax on a beach chair, do a little light reading, or simply bask in the sun and the glorious ocean views.

Access: Easy

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Zoni beach

Think of Zoni like Flamenco, but less crowded. 

Zoni beach

A hidden paradise steps away from the road! Zoni beach in Culebra is a less populated beach than Flamenco but pulls out all the stops with the diamond-dust sand and crystal-clear waters. The quiet and peaceful beach offers each visitor a unique experience. Depending on the area you set up, you'll find natural caves, sea grapevines, and a few shade spots here and there. While walking along the shore, be on the lookout for turtle nesting sites, especially around April through June. There are no kiosks or restaurants nearby, so be sure to bring enough supplies for the day, and throw in a hammock for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Access: Easy

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Survival Beach in Aguadilla

Tabletop beach and Survival are the most secluded beaches in Aguadilla. 

Survival beach 

This beach in Aguadilla is quite the trek! Although not easily accessed — which pretty much guarantees it will not be crowded, the path leads to a stretch of golden sand and clear blue waves away from the noise. To tell the truth, you'll be pretty much by yourself (and your friends) once you get there. It takes a 15–20-minute trek along an artificial trail through the woods from Surfer's beach, leading to an even more scenic beach in this northern town. Once at Survival beach, you'll see that the beach goes on for miles, surrounded by a cave-like landscape, boulders, and rock formations that truly make it unique. Be sure to bring sturdy shoes for the hike, where you can make various stops along the way to take in the astonishing scenery and snap a few pictures.

Access: Moderate to difficult

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