Green Corner

A place to stay is a key component of any sustainable journey. Puerto Rico offers several lodges that ensure sustainable practices on all operational areas, including energy efficiency, water conservation, appropriate disposal of waste products, indoor air quality, landscaping practices, recycling programs, established environmental policies, local community involvement, green fleet of vehicles, reduction of toxic and hazardous substances, and many others.

These inns are among the most environmentally friendly in the entire region.

  1. Casa Sol

    Old San Juan - Metro Region

    At 316 Calle Sol in legendary Old San Juan. Casa Sol provides its guests with the experience of staying in a restored colonial style 18th century building. The restoration process made use of reused materials that were salvaged from other properties in Old San Juan. “Casa Sol is a piece of architecture that evokes the past, and offers commodity to the modern traveler searching for personal attention in a cozy and family friendly ambiance.” as described by owners Eddie Ramírez and Margarita Pastor. This bed and breakfast inn has five uniquely decorated rooms, all with antique - carefully restored furniture and artwork by local artists. Casa Sol embraces environmental responsibility, has internal practices for waste reduction, recycling, electric and water conservation, and it also supports local manufacturers and growers.

    Website (787) 399-0105
  2. Hix Island House

    Vieques Island - East Region

    Located in a 13-acre natural refuge, here you will be one with nature in total privacy and tranquility. 6 of its 19 lofts are located in Casa Solaris, which is completely powered by solar energy. Its swimming pools, fountains and pumps run directly with power from the sun. Solar panels augment electrical capacity and provide hot water. Water from your shower and basins are collected and flowed back to various fruit-bearing plants. Casa Solaris is also powered by the trade winds of the Caribbean and uses the latest in LED lighting and super-efficient appliances.

    Website (787) 741-2302
  3. Turtle Bay Inn

    Lajas - West Region (Porta del Sol)

    The Turtle Bay Inn is the first solar-powered guesthouse in the southwest region of Puerto Rico, featuring a photovoltaic system that doesn’t require batteries and provides 90% of its energy needs. Solar LED high-efficiency lighting can be found in every room and around the premises. Hot water is distributed to all rooms using three turbo solar water heaters. Recently added gardens with Puerto Rican plants provide direct contact with nature. Air wind meters monitor wind power with the intention to add a wind turbine that could provide the remaining 5-10% energy to make the hotel 100% independent of electric power.

    Website (787) 899-6633
  4. Rainforest Inn

    Rio Grande - East Region - El Yunque

    Elegant, secluded, and enveloped by the jungle, the Rainforest Inn offers a getaway for couples, be it on a honeymoon or a romantic reconnection; for travelers seeking an exotic escape; or those who just need a memorable break from the usual routine. Perched on the northern edge of the El Yunque National Forest our rustic "boutique style" bed and breakfast is where you can experience a touch of luxury while footsteps from one of the most impressive natural sites in the United States. The Rainforest Inn is a screened open-air tropical design. No air conditioning is necessary. High ceilings and both ceiling fans and stand-up fans assist the cool tropical breezes. One amazing benefit of our completely screened open-air villas is that the jungle sounds become part of our guest's environment.

    Website (787) 378-6190
  5. Ritz Carlton, San Juan

    Ave. Los Gobernadores, Isla Verde

    Located at Los Gobernadores Avenue in Isla Verde, the Ritz-Carlton, San Juan, is located on eight acres of precious beachfront property, right in front of the Isla Verde Coral Reef Marine Reserve and close to Blue Flag Award, on Carolina Beach. Sustain, Protect, and Experience are the principles that guide The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan. A comprehensive set of initiatives and practices are in place, designed to reduce energy use, water consumption, and waste. At the same time, organic dining options are increased by partnering with local farmers and growers. The hotel supports environmental conservation efforts through its Ritz-Carlton Environmental Action Conservation Team (REACT), and also local community through the Community Footprints Program.

    Website (787) 253-1700
  6. La Jamaca Guest House

    Lajas - West Region (Porta del Sol)

    Located in the southwest corner of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico in the town of La Parguera, world famous for its bioluminescent bay, diving, restaurants, mangrove canals and as a haven for marine and wild life, offers its guest a unique pleasurable experience. The 12 rooms guesthouse, located in the rural area is surrounded by rich well-maintained gardens and centered by striking picture perfect swimming pool makes you fill inside an oasis of peace and tranquility protected from the rush and noise of big cities. The building wraps around a sparkling refreshing pool with bar and wooden decks. The decoration is rustic with hammocks around for you to relax and disconnect form daily routine.

    Website (787) 899-6162
  7. Hotel Lucia Beach

    Yabucoa – East Region

    Tropical Inn’s first hotel to receive green hotel certification. Experience the essence of beachfront relaxation at Hotel Lucia Beach, a family- friendly hotel near San Juan offering comfortable accommodations and affordable all-inclusive packages in southeast Puerto Rico. Our hotel is located in a prime spot, just feet from gorgeous Lucía Beach and the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. From our location just a short distance from Yabucoa, you can easily explore inland attractions or head out to Vieques Island, home of the beautiful Bioluminescent Bay. A trip toward the heart of the island reveals pristine tracts of trees and opportunities for inland adventure at El Yunque National Forest, along with the renowned historical buildings of Yabucoa.

    Website (787) 705-8734

Puerto Rico might seem like a small island, but it offers six different ecosystems. From dry forests to rainforests, you can experience different natural scenarios such as coastal plains, karst systems with caves and caverns, wetlands, mangrove forests, salt plains, coral reefs, and more. Coupled with our culture and our people, Puerto Rico’s biodiversity will charm every ecotourism enthusiast.

  1. Aventura Cueva Ventana

    Cueva Ventana, Arecibo

    Aventura Cueva Ventana (Adventure in Window-Cave), it offers an interpretative and educational journey through the breathtaking cave and ecosystem nearby. It is a cultural experience to meet with the Taíno (Pre-Columbian indigenous people that inhabited the island) history embedded in the caves walls.

    Website (787) 322-3554
  2. Batey Zipline Adventures

    Tanamá National Forest

    Batey Zipline Adventure is a family company with over ten years of experience in Ecotourism. For ten years they have been combining education elements with nature adventures at the Tanamá National Forest. They own about 30 acres of secondary tropical forest were most of the tours take place.

    Since 2001 Batey Zipline has been working on a sustainable and holistic way of living; going from organic gardening, self-sufficient home construction, solar power, spring water, homemade composting toilets and more. All of their tours promote a minimal impact to the environment and encourage joint efforts activities with adjacent communities.

    A very important element of Batey Zipline practices is the interpretation of cultural, historical and ecological facts for the benefit of all our visitors, including: social projects, schools and the scholar communities of the colleges nearby.

    Website (787) 484-3860
  3. Black Beard Sports

    Vieques Island

    Black Beard Sports is a sporting goods outfitter specializing in extreme fun through the use of human power in a natural environment. As a tour operator it offers scuba, snorkeling, kayaking, SUP, and biking adventures as well as tours of the Bio-Bay.

    The company supports Vieques Island families by sponsoring and participating in a wide range of high quality youth and community activities. From conservation and outdoor recreation to education, culture and arts, Black Beard Sports is committed to providing positive role models and experiences for residents and visitors.

    Website (787) 741-1892
  4. Pirate Snorkeling Shack


    Be part of the marine life in the most exciting and fun way: kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling in the crystalline waters of Natural Reserve Cabezas de San Juan, Fajardo. Come and see the World, differently!.

    Website (787) 556-0104
  5. Pure Adventure

    Ceiba – East Region

    Pure Adventure Snorkel and Dive Center is located in the Marina of the old Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in the municipality of Ceiba. The surrounding area of over 3,000 acres has everything any nature lover would want — bird watching, beaches, reef for snorkeling, wetlands and Mangrove forests. Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Experience fun in the sun like never before with a variety of water sport activities that will leave you with a lifetime of incredible memories.

    Website (787) 202-6551
  6. Rent The Bike

    San Juan - Metro Area

    Biking in San Juan offers numerous advantages. For one, the city’s beaches, historic sites and many fine restaurants are easily accessible. Secondly, you avoid taxis and San Juan traffic. And finally, it’s a great way to build up your appetite for a hearty Puerto Rican meal.

    Website (787) 602-9696
  7. Watersport and Ecotour, Humacao

    Road #3, Km 74.3, Bo. Rio Abajo - Humacao

    Water Sports & Eco Tours focuses on interpretation of aquatic and terrestrial paths in the Humacao Nature Reserve. Kayak, pedal boats, SUP rentals, and guided hikes are part of the ecotourism activity offered. The kayak rental is a self-guided experience through channels, marshes and lagoons. There are water shallows with no waves or strong currents.

    Website (787) 741-1892

Puerto Rico’s agricultural diversity gives tourists a unique opportunity to taste a wide range of fruits, local produce, and local cuisine. Agricultural tourism lets you go behind the scenes to experience how the island’s culture and traditions are shaped by our harvest.

For instance, you can see first-hand how world-renowned Puerto Rican coffee gets made in one of these haciendas.

  1. Café Lucero, Ponce

    Carr. #140 Km. 7.0 Bo. Collores

    Café Nativo is Premium Coffee, 100% Arabica, 100% Puerto Rican. It is grown, harvested, processed, roasted, ground and packaged in Collores neighborhood in the mountains of Jayuya.

    Café Nativo ecofriendly technology uses pure, spring water and organic methods to process the beans. It applies low temperatures in the dryness process to preserve the oils and the aromatic flavor of the coffee.

    Website (787) 315-7881
  2. Café Nativo, Jayuya

    46 Mirasol Street, Playa de Ponce — Ponce

    Café Nativo is Premium Coffee, 100% Arabica, 100% Puerto Rican. It is grown, harvested, processed, roasted, ground and packaged in Collores neighborhood in the mountains of Jayuya.

    Café Nativo ecofriendly technology uses pure, spring water and organic methods to process the beans. It applies low temperatures in the dryness process to preserve the oils and the aromatic flavor of the coffee.

    Website (787) 848-8387
  3. Hacienda Don Carmelo

    North: Porta Atlántico

    Vega Baja

    Hacienda Don Carmelo provides the visitor a wonderfully charming and fine equestrian show. The Hacienda also provides the visitor the opportunity of a lifetime of learning about horse breeding and about the island’s cultural heritage in general. Definitely, this is a lovely experience not to be missed.

    Website (787) 858-1378
  4. Hacienda Lealtad


    Rekindle the interesting history of one of the most productive coffee producers of the central region of the island by the end of 16th century, Hacienda Lealtad. In the agro-touristic tour, endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, visitors will learn about coffee varieties and farming at the greenhouse; and make an inevitable stop at the most modern processing plant of Puerto Rico, where our coffee is made and taste the delicious Café Lealtad.

    Website 787-897-8181
  5. Hacienda San Pedro

    Montaña: Porta Cordillera


    Enjoy a stroll through our farm, including coffee trees, local fauna and cool breezes of the mountains; then taste a cup of fine authentic Puerto Rican freshly roasted coffee prepared by our expert baristas.

    Website (787)828-2083
  6. Hacienda Tres Ángeles, Adjuntas

    Carr. 129, Km. 4.8 Bo. Portillo

    Tres Ángeles coffee hacienda is located in the town of Adjuntas, better known as the Switzerland of Puerto Rico. Due to its cool climate and high mountains it’s an ideal setting for producing one of the best coffees in the world.

    A visit to Tres Ángeles coffee hacienda will bring you the opportunity to learn and participate in a variety of activities like: cultivating coffee beans, bean selecting procedure, and the ecofriendly technology to process coffee beans in the "Beneficiado".

    The experience will also allow you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and taste an exquisite homemade sweet.

    For Roasters, Tres Ángeles have available 100% single origin Arabica/Caturra/Premium Green Coffee for purchase.

    Tourism Stories Volume II - My Story, My Community, Our Future

    Website (787) 360-0019
  7. Hacienda Muñoz

    San Lorenzo

    Learn the work of a coffee farmer while enjoying the harmony with nature, in an entertaining way, with family, or friends. You will experience the origins of Puerto Rican coffee from the tour at the crop fields of Hacienda Muñoz, to the preparation of a delicious cup of coffee in the Doppio Coffee Bar.

    Website 939-274-2233
  8. Plenitud Iniciativas Eco Educativas

    Las Marías

    Come take a tour in fullness to experience agroecology through all your senses. We are an educational farm dedicated to the education of permaculture and organic farming. On our tour you will learn to see from how rainwater is collected, even as tropical crops are handled. We reap nutritious vegetables to delight the palate with a fresh and tasty lunch.

    Website 787-806-7094
  9. Pujols Poultry Farms

    Location: San Sebastian

    Agro-experience: Poultry farm

    Agricultural farm dedicated to the production of table eggs. They produce around 30,000 eggs per day. This egg laying farm, has been recognized by the Department of Agriculture as the most modern, and technologically advanced poultry farm not only in Puerto Rico but also in the Caribbean and Central America. The facilities run with 100% of renewal energy. Enjoy the experience of being a famer for a day!

    Website (787) 955-7310
  10. Quesos Vaca Negra

    PR 492 Km 0.1 — Hatillo

    A farm where cheeses of the highest quality and unique taste are produced. From the fields of Hatillo, Quesos Vaca Negra offers a delicious variety of aged cheeses, yogurts, craft seminars, and visits to the general public.

    Straight from the farm to your table, the first aged cheeses elaborated in Puerto Rico are from a category of cheeses made with raw milk, that come from Vaca Negra. An extraordinary experience, which includes learning the process of cheese and yogurt making, and also offer you an opportunity to taste a variety of cheeses. Participate in making your own cheese and personalize it with spices and your name.

    Website (787) 262-5656 / (787) 458-6345
  11. Hacienda Campo Rico


    Website 787-532-1221
  12. Granja Avícola Pujols

    San Sebastian


Engagement with local communities is one of the best ways of truly getting to know any country you visit. Puerto Rico is no exception. Here we offer you the opportunity of helping preserve local culture and natural resources while benefiting the economy of small communities.

These communities will welcome you and give you an experience you will be talking about for years.

Community-Based Sustainable Tourism Initiatives



    The Humacao Community Ecotourism Initiative is a group of entrepreneurs who joined efforts for the economic development of the community of the coastal area of Humacao.  This group is trained and has the necessary skills to carry out passive activities in the Reserve because of their understanding and commitment with the environment. In the Reserve, the natural ecosystem motivates you to explore several coastal lagoons, wetlands, and forests that harbor a diversity of native and migratory birds. As you arrive, you will be welcomed by local entrepreneurs who will guide you through a learning adventure. You can also enjoy local food, and join an arts and crafts workshop using raw materials from the forest.

    (787) 852-6058
    Eco-experience: Kayak, pedal boats, paddle boats, hiking, interpretative tours, sightseeing


     Located in the southeast region of Puerto Rico, Punta Tuna Nature Reserve is a scenic coastal wetland area with immense ecological diversity. This is one of nature’s best kept secrets which is sustained by the warmth and leadership of the local community. The community organization Comité Pro Desarrollo de Maunabo is a committee that has a co-management agreement with the Department of Natural & Environmental Resources for the sustainable use and ecosystems protection of the wetland. Punta Tuna has the first and only interpretive trail adapted for blind people which also has been customized for physically impaired people. Interpretative tours in which you can walk through and watch coconut palm trees, mangroves, and brackish lagoons to find a sea turtle nesting beach are coordinated by the committee. But there is yet more to do around this beautiful place! The committee has a complete calendar scheduled with educational, environmental, and recreational activities for the community as well as for all visitors. From bird watching to stargazing… allow yourself to live an authentic experience in this kept treasure!

    (787) 861-0387
    Eco-experience: Walking, interpretative tours, observation tower, lighthouse.

    Utuado, Arecibo

    “El Cantar del Bosque Río Abajo” is a nonprofit community organization characterized by its commitment to the management, conservation and sustainable development of the Rio Abajo Forest. The majesty of the forest is reflected in the wide variety of wildlife, diverse vegetation which includes gigantic mahogany trees, complex systems of caves, archaeological and historical resources, as well as rivers and reservoirs in its periphery. This forest is classified as subtropical wet forest and subtropical moist forest. In addition, the forest is used for the Puerto Rican Parrot Recovery Project, an endangered species. This forest is the gateway to a unique experience in contact with nature and our indigenous ancestors. The Forest has a several trails, paths, camping area, which invite you to explore and discover the magic within.

    (787) 645-2190
    Eco-experience: Trails, interpretative tours, bird watch, sightseeing.


    Located in the southwest corner of the Island, the Guánica State Forest is unique in Puerto Rico. Due to its ecological importance, it has been designated as a United Nations International Biosphere Reserve in recognition of the efforts to conserve natural processes and resources in the forest. The purpose of this initiative is to train community members as environmental interpreters to undertake ecotourism as a community based project in the forest. The development of the ecotourism initiative will generate an income to re-invest in the co-management of the forest and will benefit the community, therefore solving some of the great challenges that the forest reserve has. Furthermore, this project will help reinforce the sense of ownership of the communities near Bosque Seco. The creation of community alliances focused on ecotourism have the potential of helping to work with existing challenges and to significantly contribute to the economic development of the region.

    (787) 508-2475
    Eco-experience: Trails, interpretative tours, bird watch, sightseeing.


    Estampas is a non profit, non governmental, community based organization since 2005. Residents of Rio Hondo community came together to rescue and conserve the last and high ecological value remaining undeveloped land in the neighborhood with the help of the municipality and the US Forest Service. The community promotes the conservation of the environment in two ways: ecotourism and agrotourism. In these 68 acre property, natural, educational, and ecological aspects of it come together in a comprehensive and very committed way. You can become a part of it by crossing the forest through its picturesque paths, involving yourself with the learning of the history and the natural richness of the place. Once the tour is finished, you can enjoy products made by the community.

    (787) 391-6106
    Eco-experience: Trails, interpretative tours, bird watch, sightseeing.

    Aguirre, Salinas

    Jobos Bay is a semi-enclosed water body located in Aguirre along the southeast coast of the island between the municipalities of Guayama and Salinas. It is the second largest estuarine area in Puerto Rico. It presents a diversity of marine and land ecosystems, among which dry forests, mangrove swamps and forests, salty lagoons, barrier reefs, patch reefs, cays, small islets, and sea grass meadows, among others are highlighted. Therefore, this is an area with an extensive and diverse ecology in which birds, dolphins, diverse fish species, crustaceans, mollusks, and some endangered species, such as the manatee can be found. The bay was designated in 1981 as the Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (JBNERR) by the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

    (787) 853-4617
    Eco-experience: Trails, interpretative tours, bird watch, sightseeing.
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