From seafood to meat cuts and specialty dishes, you can find flavors to entice your palate everywhere. 

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Regardless of where you travel in Puerto Rico, you'll find a variety of delicious dining options

Puerto Rico's thriving restaurant scene can be experienced from San Juan to Cabo Rojo, from Rincón to Fajardo — and all points in between. Our culinary delights range from classic comida criolla (the Island’s unique style of creole cooking) to tropical fusions created by award-winning chefs. Whether you’re looking for a casual chinchorro (roadside kiosk), local hot spots, food trucks, fine-dining, or even a pizza or steak, the Island’s kitchens won’t disappoint. As we say in Puerto Rico, a full belly makes for a happy heart!

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Puerto Rico's Culinary Traditions

From mofongo to mamposteao, from pasteles to piña coladas, a delicious world of dining and drinking awaits you in Puerto Rico – but you may want to learn about some of the Island's most famous dishes before you dive in. Explore our diverse culinary traditions to see why Puerto Rico is much more than rice and beans!

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Regional Specialties in Puerto Rico

While you’ll find a variety of cuisines around the Island, many local restaurants are known to serve specialty dishes of the region. The eateries in the mountains of Puerto Rico showcase various meat cuts, and restaurants like ASAO in Ciales or Asador San Miguel in Naranjito should be your go-to places if you’re looking to savor a juicy steak.

If seafood or fritters are what you're craving, Puerto Rico's coastal areas have a fresh array of plates to try. Take a trip to the east coast and restaurant-hop down the Luquillo Kiosks line. In the north, savor a plate of deep-fried red snapper with some tostones or arroz mamposteao at Salitre in Arecibo.

Metropolitan San Juan is best known for its assortment of restaurants that elevate global cuisines while maintaining the freshness and vibrancy of Puerto Rican flavors. Asian, Latin American, and European-inspired restaurants are just some of the gastronomic offerings. For the chance to sample different chefs and restaurants in a single location, there are several notable options including Lote 23, La Placita de Santurce, and the newest addition, Distrito T-Mobile.

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